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  General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the high-quality development is the theme of my country’s economic and social development in China, "14th Five-Year Plan" and even longer, and the overall situation of my country’s socialist modernization. Based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, promote high quality development, is the current and future party, the whole party must have a good job.

All regions should be combined with the actual situation, the local conditions should be good, and the long-term supply is long, and the road to the actual high-quality development is suitable for the region. According to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country’s economy has turned from the high-speed growth stage; the party’s 19th National Plenary Session further pointed out that my country has turned to high quality development stage, and the economic and social development during the "14th Five-Year Plan" To promote high quality development as the theme. This is a scientific judgment based on the development of my country’s development stage, the development environment, and the changes in development conditions.

We should deeply realize that high quality development is not just an economic requirements, but the general requirements for economic and social development; not only for economic developed regions, but all regional development must implement; not a moment Requirements, but must have long-term requirements.

Although the Qinghai belongs to the undeveloped area, we have to unswervingly of the times in the times, the road to high quality development, reflect the requirements of high-quality development in various fields and all aspects of economic, social, ecological, and culture, and persisted for a long time . Walking high quality development roads, we must adhere to the people-oriented thinking, adhere to innovation, coordination, green, open, and share development. People are the scale of development, the starting point of high quality development, the power point and the foothold is the growing beauty of the people, we must always put the fundamental interests of the broadestherse in the heart, unswervingly increase the well-being of people’s livelihood, and put high quality development It needs to be closely combined with the people’s better life, and promote the ecological priority, promote high quality development, and create high quality life organic combination, complement.

The concept is the leader of action, the new development concept is the command and traffic light of high quality development. High quality development is the first motivation. Coordinating into endogenous characteristics, green becomes a universal form, open becoming the road, sharing the development of fundamental purposes We must complete, accurate, fully implement the new development concept, constantly crack the development challenge, enhance development motivation, and thick development advantages.

  To combine the advantages and resources of Qinghai, implement the innovative driving development strategy, speed up the construction of the world-class Salt Lake industry base, build the national clean energy industry, international ecotourism destination, green organic farm products, build a green low-carbon circulation economic system Construct a modern economic system that reflects the local characteristics. It is necessary to combine Qinghai Province, because of the local conditions, the economy, the strength, to promote "one excellent two high", build "five demonstration provinces", cultivate "four economic forms", to build base and build highlands, purpose Innovative consciousness in the ground, and the new articles belonging to Qinghai have a new article. The important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping is that we have promoted the fundamental compliance and action guidance of high-quality development. We must in depth, we must fully implement the implementation, ensuring that the "14th Five-Year Plan" will play a good step, and use the actual actions to Xi Jinping General Secretary and The Party Central Committee will carry out qualified answers to celebrate the Chinese Communist Party of China with excellent results. (Editor: Liu Peiran, Chen Mingju).