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“They said they found a professional brain expert!If they ask me next time,I won’t bother……Please come here specifically,It is my fault!
I thought,Everything will develop as I thought!”
Mingzun has a deep face。
“It’s not your fault, Mr. Ming……Since it’s here,Just come to me for a cup of tea!other things,No need to say more!”
Words from Fang Yu,Make Mingzun’s heart warm。
Know the difficulty of being considerate of him。
“Thank you……if it is possible,I treat you to a meal at noon,I’m sorry to you!”
Ming Zun said seriously。
Fang Yu was taken aback,Do you want to agree?。
“Could Mr. Fang have an appointment at noon?”Mingzun asked。
“No……Not good for you to treat,Spent!”Fang Yu slowly said。
“Nothing,Just a meal!and,It’s my fault!”