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But he thought about it again,Wu Gang knows the situation now,Still insisting on helping him,Maybe there is a way。
So he decided to see Wu Gang first,Let the matter of sending my son go slowly,And he is not reconciled。
Zheng Bin took Song Litao to Wu Gang’s office。
“Haha,Brother Song,You came!”
Song Litao just walked into the office door,I heard a hearty laughter,Then a short, fat middle-aged man with a big belly laughed and walked towards him。
this person,It’s Wu Gang。
He is the same as Sun Yongli,I call Song Litao Brother Song。
Song Litao held that fat palm,There is a feeling of finding an organization again。
“Gang brother,thank you,Still willing to help me in this case。”Song Litao moved。
Wu Gang waved his hand,Tao:“Thanks what!It should be,Li Ge often said,werCity people must unite,I always remember this,Not only remember,I still have to practice,your business,It’s my business!”
These words,From a rough old man like Wu Gang,Song Litao is almost crying。
This is no longer an organization,It’s like family!
Anyway, he was overwhelmed。
at this time,Wu Gang said again:“Li Ge went in,I called and asked,Can’t figure it out,The strength of the two of us is definitely not enough to deal with that kid Qin Feng,So i plan to find someone to help。”
Get help?
Heard this,A string of names flashed in Song Litao’s mind,But no results。