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“what!Wu Yibo, don’t come over!”Lin Yoona has been thinking about Xiao Fan’s offending Qiao’s family,So I didn’t pay attention to Wu Yibo’s actions at all。
When she reacts,Wu Yibo has already pounced on himself like a hungry wolf。
But because Lin Yoona was tied up by Wu Yibo to be strong,So Lin Yuna can’t move at all。
Seeing Wu Yibo was about to pounce on him,Lin Yoona closed her eyes in despair,Shouted:“Xiao Fan,Come and save me!”
Lin Yoona herself didn’t know why she suddenly shouted such a sentence,But I just shouted it out,It seems that all my hopes are pinned on Xiao Fan.。
Lin Yuner finished shouting that sentence,Just heard“boom”The sound of,It’s like the sound of something falling。
Then there was another man’s scream。
Lin Yoona immediately opened her eyes closed because of fear,But what did she see?Xiao Fan with a frosty face and Wu Yibo who fell to the ground like a dead dog。
“Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan,is it you?”Lin Yoona’s tears didn’t know when it came out。
When Wu Yibo insulted her,She didn’t cry;
When Wu Yibo squeezed her chin,,She didn’t cry either;
When Wu Yibo pounced on her like a hungry tiger,She still didn’t cry。
But the moment she saw Xiao Fan,she cried,Tears are like opening the gate and flooding,A continuous flow。
Xiao Fan’s punch at Wu Yibo was not merciful at all,She dared to insult Yoona Lin,Damn!
After that punch,Wu Yibo won’t move anymore。