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Wang Shipeng cried and Zhou Qi made a mistake in serving
It was originally a commendable thing to compare the true strength of both sides with the European powerhouse Poland team to overtime.But because of their consecutive low-level mistakes and lost the game, this really makes hundreds of millions of Chinese fans feel puzzled and regret.Wang Shipeng, who served as a commentary guest on the live broadcast platform, summed up the tears during the game, so “Zhou Qi’s serve error” and “Wang Shipeng cried” reached the top five in the hot search shortly after the game.Chinese basketball occupied the hot search list after this game.In the 2006 Asian Championship lore, Slovenia, the 2010 Asian Games lore in Iran, and the 2012 Olympics against the Australian team hit 7 three-pointers in a single game. Wang Shipeng once made outstanding achievements for the Chinese men’s basketball team.Talking about why emotions were out of control after the game, Wang Shipeng admitted, “In 2008, we left Wukesong with regret. Today, Chinese basketball really needs this victory.”” Wang Shipeng (right) lost his emotions after the game.However, after the calm, Wang Shipeng still sent encouragement to the Chinese men’s basketball team on social media. “The whole team is very good. We need such a game on our growth path. I hope that our tuition fees will not be in vain.”He hopes that the fans will not be too extreme,” our players are fighting for the country, they have done everything, the game is not over.”Preliminary Wang Shipeng said that the journey of the Chinese men’s basketball team in this World Cup has not yet ended, and the last group match is left, and the Chinese team still has the opportunity to strive for the group qualifying place.In the first two games, one win and one loss, the Chinese men’s basketball team is indeed not very optimistic. The final round of the game with Venezuela will be a backlash.Considering that the Polish men’s basketball team has won two consecutive victories, the opponent in the final round will be the weakest Ivorian team in the group. Unsurprisingly, the Polish team will easily win the first place in the group with a three-game winning streak.Produced between teams.The label is very clear. If the Chinese team successfully defeats Venezuela in the final round, the team will advance to the next stage with the second group, otherwise they will have to play 17-32 qualifying.