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Why do wives care about money?

A survey of women’s consumption in China (8 cities) shows that 77.

3% of married women have financial rights in the home.

According to another survey, 58% of households in Shanghai are responsible for financial management; in Taiwan, 70% of households are in the hands of women.

  Around us, many wives are in control, such as managing family accounts, buying a house, raising children’s education costs and preparing to support their parents.

I asked several men at random, and most of them expressed “willing to accept” this situation.

“Before marriage, my wife told me to control money.

Now she keeps her monthly expenses in order.

She would follow her if she wanted to.

“Mr. Lu said in military software development.

Mr. Zhao said that his wife was psychologically satisfied with his money management.

“She keeps saying that men get worse when they have money, and I simply give her financial power.

“It can be seen that there are indeed many women who care about money.

From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, women’s physiological conditions are weaker than men’s. Therefore, in the primitive society that requires strength to survive, they directly participate in cruel survival competition than men.

And they will use women’s natural exquisiteness and sensitivity, indirectly participate in survival activities by managing family property, and realize their own value.

Today, this mentality has been inherited by the majority of female compatriots.

  In addition, women like to manage money because of the need for security.

Being responsible for reproduction and upbringing has a bearing on race continuity.

Therefore, compared to men, women are inherently more in need of security, and the economic foundation is the most basic source of security in modern society. This has fundamentally led women to pay the greatest attention to financial management.

  In addition, modern women are no longer passively managing wealth or starting to actively participate in investment.

Studies show that women’s investment performance is better.

In 1999, Terence? Professor of Finance at the University of California, Davis?

Audien and Brad?

Barber conducted a 6-year study and found that in 3.

Among the 50,000 retail investors, the average investment income of women is higher than that of men every year1.


From 2001 to 2005, a survey by the International Finance Website showed that among 100,000 investment portfolios, women’s investment performance was 40% higher than men’s.

  From the perspective of gender psychology, men are more eager for economic success and more adventurous than women, so they are more likely to be attracted by high returns and invest in high-risk projects.

And the gender role of women does not require women to be economically successful, coupled with the inherent need for security, they are more secure in investment, and they trust more in long-term benefits, so they are more willing and willingBetter long-term risk aversion.