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What do you know

During the festival, the rich chicken, duck and fish meat on the table are full of mountain and sea food.

However, eating more of these foods will produce many harmful toxins that cannot be metabolized. Therefore, people should eat more detoxifying and intestinal foods after the holiday.

  Konjac: Also known as “Konjac”, Chinese medicine is called “Six Valleys”. It is a well-known inhalation “scavenger” and “blood purifier”, which can effectively remove waste on the intestinal wall and prevent constipation.

  Black fungus: The vegetable gum contained in black fungus has a resetting adsorption force, which can absorb impurities remaining in the human digestive system and clean the blood.

  Kelp: Alginic acid in kelp can slow the absorption and absorption of repeating element strontium, drive strontium out of the body, and have the effect of preventing leukemia.

In addition, kelp also promotes drainage of the toxic element cadmium that enters the body.

  Pig blood: The plasma protein in pig blood is decomposed by digestive enzymes, which can produce a substance that detoxifies and intestines. It can be combined with dust and metal particles that invade the human body and become a substance that is not easily absorbed by the human body. It is directly discharged from the body, and there is dust removal., Clearing the bowel, laxative effect.

  Apples: Galacturonic acid in apples helps detoxification; pectin prevents toxins produced by spoiling food inside the chain; its soluble cellulose can promote excretion of feces.

  Strawberries: It has the effects of refreshing and moisturizing, promoting digestion and absorption.

Contains a variety of organic acids, cellulose, pectin and minerals to clean the stomach and eliminate constipation.

  Coarse rice: It is a “sweeper” that cleans the large intestine. Fine rice will absorb enterotoxin when it is passed continuously, and finally it will be eliminated from the intermediate.