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  Historical mismuth sometimes wears academic coats, sometimes in the scorpion of entertainment, with great deceptive, easy to make people feel unfincurred into its circle. For historical mismuth, you must never take lightly organized cadres and people into the red educational base, feel the extraordinary history of the development of the party and the country; invite old party members to talk about revolutionary history, buried red seeds in the hearts of the youth; launch micro video, documentary, let the audience deep into the Understand the touch story behind the revolutionary cultural relics … Since the development of the party history, there has been a method of innovation and development in various places, the form of learning education, and guide the cadres and the masses to establish the right party history. History, reality, the future is connected.

History is the reality in the past, and the reality is the history of the future. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the Party History and Mobilization Conference: "It is clear against historical virtuality, strengthening ideological guidance and theory analysis, clarifying the fuzzy understanding of some major historical problems in the party history, better and sources, fixed Peiyuan.

"Only correctly understand history, you can make better creation. From the National People’s Congress Standing Committee Legislation, September 30, to the Martyrs Memorial Day, to the Heroes Martyrs Protection Law, and then carry out" net network "centralized action, focus on online history Harmful information such as virtual and unreasoning, defending heroes, defending heroes, learning heroes, caring for heroes, and opposing historical virtuality and innocence and consciousness. Also seeing, historical mismuth sometimes wearing academic coat, sometimes The scorpion, with great deceptive, easy to make people feel unfincomeut into its circle. Especially with the help of Internet communication means, "long story" is less, the fragmentation is more, and the open fire is less, and it is hidden. More. Some public figures and network large V have a certain social influence, through the entertainment way of entertaining the public, the history of the "exclusive history" "exclusive history", with the subjective instead of objective, replacing the whole, to replace historical facts , Shifting the flowers, breaking the charter, manufacturing rumors, playing the "odd" flag, touting the so-called "American Free Democracy", ridicling the national hero, laughing the revolutionary martyrs, beautifying the history, trying to confuse the audio-visual, confuse the public. Where this kind, no reminder us For historical mismuth, it will never fall to lightly. The essence of historical mismuth is the name of the so-called "re-evaluation", distorted the modern Chinese revolutionary history, party history, national history, military history.

Some people take the Chinese revolutionary history, new Chinese history to do articles, do everything to attack, ugly, and smear, the fundamental purpose is to mess with people.

For these error ideas and wrong point of view, we must recognize the essence of its historical mismuth, recognize its sinister political integrity, resolutely resist and oppose. The historical materialism is the fundamental method of our Communists to understand the history of history.

Treating a historical mismuth correct attitude, the most fundamental is to use historical objectives and methodology of historical materialism, and insist on seeking truth from facts.

We must accurately grasp the topic main line, mainstream nature, correct understanding and scientific evaluation of the party’s historical development, important meeting, important people in the history of the party; to see some major problems in the history of the party, neither avoid The mistakes and twists and turns are no longer negative because of the mistakes and twists and turns of exploration. Adhere to the history of historicalism to understand the history, adhere to the ideological route, distinguish the mainstream and tributation, adhere to the truth, correct mistakes, carry forward the experience, learn the lesson, can continue to push the party and the people in this basis. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Today, which party, which country, which country, which nation can be confident, the Chinese Communist Party, the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese nation is the most reasonable." Since the decline in the century, Today’s Xinxin, the Chinese Communist Party leads the Chinese people through the brilliant past, and walking in the future of the new day, and go to the future of bright.

With the opportunity of party history, it is a chant, and it will be clearly ambiguous, the wind and rain are unimpeded, and we will continue to write new history and create new glories.