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“Rotisserie!If you want to join in, take another 500,000 yuan”Wang Youcai saw the ad on TV,What kind of barbecue shop did you join,So he opened his mouth and lied。
Wang Youfa was excited,Said with a smile:“sure!We get together,Wouldn’t it be enough to ask someone to borrow some more”
“You shut up!Do you think this franchise store is so easy to open。You will be so bad that you don’t even have to wear pants。Let’s go back!Don’t be embarrassed here,What shit brother”Song Fang cursed,Turn around and leave。
Wang Youfa glared at Wang Youcai,Ran after Song Fang。Chief Wang Youcai let out a sigh of relief,He couldn’t help but said with a smile:“You all saw it,People have more money than mine,But they still want to snatch a bit from mine,Is this my eldest brother?”
“Ignore this bastard!Let alone two hundred thousand,Don’t lend him even two yuan,It’s so damnable。I am obviously rich,Still need you to borrow,What is their heart?”Chen Yueqin said to Wang Youcai angrily。
Wang Youcai nodded and said:“All right!Just ignore him。I should go back to the city,It’s not too late”Wang Youcai said,Get up and go。
Wang Degui sighed and asked:“Do you really want to join a roast meat shop??”From Wang Degui’s face,Wang Youcai saw his loss。
“How can I tell the truth to them both?I can see it clearly。In our home,The two brothers have been waiting to see my jokes,They don’t want me to be better than them。But I must do something big this time,Envy them”Wang Youcai said,Trot away。
He got up early the next day,Pack everything,So I ate something casually on the side of the road,Then went directly to the train station。
Wang Youcai is sitting in a hard seat,So I don’t feel crowded when getting on the train。He put his luggage,So I went to Niu Huiling, my second sister-in-law。In fact, Niu Huiling is only separated from him by a car。
After seeing Niu Huiling,Wang Youcai’s hanging heart relaxes。If Niu Huiling released his pigeons,This is difficult。
“how about it?You come out this time,Second brother know?What did you say to him?”Sit down,Wang Youcai said anxiously。
Niu Huiling smiled and said:“Your second brother is a nerd,It’s not easy to lie to him。I said I’m going to meet a classmate,Examine a new project。Of course,He is not happy with me,But he still didn’t stop me”
“That’s good”Wang Youcai smiled,Talked with Niu Huiling about the things that should be noted。Then I returned to my own shop。Sleep well this night,I slept for more than ten hours。When he opens his eyes,It’s the next morning。
Niu Huiling brought him breakfast from the dining car。Wang Youcai washed his face,So I sat down and ate breakfast。Niu Huiling glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“You called me just now,Ask me if I am with you,So you have to be mentally prepared。
as expected,Wang Youdao called,Wang Youdao asked as soon as he called:“Rich!Where are you?”