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Liu Heping heard Jiang Qizhi’s voice behind him,He wouldn’t care,I became more careful in an instant,There was a redness in the eyes,Big hand like a magic palm。
He deliberately tried this young man’s skills,I have already used my best,I would rather kill by mistake,Not to miss the mentality。
The opponent’s giant palm reached the top of the head,Lu Menglin didn’t evade at all,But raise the arm,Thumb up,Aim at Liu Heping’s elbow tendon and poked it up。
Liu Heping didn’t notice the other party’s movements at all,Big hand full cover,I thought I could blow this kid’s head on the spot,I didn’t know that my elbows suddenly numb,The whole arm lost consciousness in an instant,As if out of control。
Lu Menglin poked out with a finger,Although it is with the thumbs,It’s the fist of the cat,Invisible,Hidden breath,Even the Venerable can’t detect it,Not to mention Liu Heping。
Poke the opponent’s hemp tendon with one finger,Lu Menglin’s wrist twisted,The thumb turns,Under this turn,Vigorous,There is also a burst of energy。
collapse!Liu Heping only felt a sharp pain from his arm,Then my right arm seemed to be broken,Unconscious,Hung weakly at the waist。
This jab turns and collapses,Lu Menglin has broken his hand muscles,Abandon his arm silently。
Although people’s elbows are hard,The nerves are relatively less dense,Pain cannot be transmitted to the brain for a while,When Liu Heping feels pain,This arm has broken tendons。
“what!Ah!you,what have you done?”Liu Heping only felt a chill from the bottom of his heart to his forehead,Shocked and angry,He can’t understand what the other party did,But my arm is completely unresponsive。
Lu Menglin supported Chen Jiannan with one hand,Smile faintly,Tao:“I broke one of his tendons,I should charge you some interest first。”
“what?”Soldier King Liu Heping was shocked。
Not just him,Even Ye Guzhou was dumbfounded when he heard it,Under one stroke,Liu Heping’s hand muscles broke?The other party is so good?
Talking late,Then soon!Liu Heping raised his leg like a giant axe,Smashed his head towards Lu Menglin。
He deserves to be the king of soldiers,Although I broke a hand muscle,But can’t immediately crush his fighting spirit,Will only make his revenge even stronger。
Just now,Liu Heping uses this trick,Push Chen Jiannan back step by step,And his eyes are red now,Obviously the secret medicine power has been rushed to the extreme,Going to fight。
Legs like a giant axe,Split the mountain and cut the sea,Pull the mountain!
The vast majority of people present,They were all taken aback by Liu Heping’s fierce tomahawk leg attack。
Under the blessing of the secret medicine,Chop off this leg,I’m afraid there is a thousand catties of strength,Let alone human,Even a solid wall is knocked down。