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Whole grains are the foundation of health

In the first book of Compendium of Materia Medica written by Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty, it was speculated: “The five internal organs are more equal, and the internal organs are more uneven.

Gu Yun: Angu Zechang, Jeju Valley died.

“Gu means the staple food; Chang means good health. This sentence means that if you can eat well, your body is good.”

  ”This old saying speaks for itself of the staple food.

“Experts say that cereal staples can maintain a vigorous life and ensure good health.

Chinese medicine believes that “four o’clock is based on stomach qi”, “giving stomach qi and dying without stomach qi”, and grain staple food is the main source of stomach qi.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” also has the diet principle of “five grains for feeding, five animals for benefit, five fruits for help, and five vegetables for filling”. It is believed that the grain is the basis of health.

  In fact, the thinking of “An Gu Zechang” is also consistent with the theory of modern nutrition.

Staple foods such as grains and grains are located at the bottom of the pagoda, which is the basis of the entire scale structure.

In the diet of food, the daily diet should be based on cereals, which can provide the body with energy and more than half of the protein.

  ”Many people now look to lose weight instead of eating staple foods, so their faces are yellow, their resistance is reduced, and their health is impaired.” Experts are worried.

We should eat at least 300 grams of staple foods every day, including rice, steamed bread, noodles, oats, corn, etc., and pay attention to the thickness and thickness.

In addition, “Angu Zechang, Jeju Valley dies” is more applicable to patients. If they can eat a meal, the vitality will be strong; on the contrary, life will not last long, which shows how important the staple food is to health.