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People’s Network Beijing July 9 (Liu Yingying) "Xinhua Bloom" Business Print "Business Prints" The Power of the Faith "- The 6th Commercial Pin Monthly New Book Conference was held on July 8.

After the reader voting and expert review, "the crownesis is the vicissitudes: a hundred years of red imprint hand drawn book" (the first volume · Brochure) "Deng Xiaoping and the Chinese Communist Party of the Centennial" "Carl Marx Philosophy" "Growth Source: China Research on Economic Growth Power Research "" A Belt All Road "Research Case Studies: Perspective of Holocity Globalization" (Chinese and English Edition) "文 集" "Ben Jieming" "Gold and US Dollar Crisis: Future of Free Redemption" "" Ken know Zhang Ailing "" wild and warmth: animal parents’ self-cultivation "is selected in June" Business Press Top Ten Good Book ". According to reports, the National Language Writing Working Committee, the Social Science Development Research Center of the Ministry of Education is specifically responsible for writing, the "human right is the vicissitudes: a hundred years of red imprint hand drawn" (first volume · Broken book) In the form of hand-painted art, concentrated on the revolutionary process of the Chinese Communist Party; "Deng Xiaoping and the Chinese Communist Party of China" was "Zhang Shi, the party history study and reform and opening up, the central party history and literature" Zhang Shun, in three historical times , 29 theoretical topics, more than 80 precious historical pictures reproduce the important turning and classic moments in the development of the party; "the three sources of Marxism" has been widely praised by experts, readers, new publishing The German Marx Philosophy Excellent "Carl Marx’s Philosophy", from the philosophical problem in the history of Marx’s ideological development, three-dimensionally present the leader world of Marx’s philosophical research in Germany; business print " All the way "research series special book has always been a highlight of the topic publishing.

The latest "" One Belt All Road "Construction Case Study: The Perspective of Inclusive Globalization" (Chinese and English Version) is the first system and in-depth study of the work of "all the way" construction case, summarized the project of "all the way" Types and construction models are of great significance for "all the way" high quality development; "Growth Source: China’s Middle and Long-term Economic Growth Power Research" is an authoritative academic work from the National Bureau of Statistics Research Team. This book is jumped out of the Western mainstream growth theory framework, starting from economic theory and statistical accounting method, with data prove, reform is the greatest driving force for long-term development of China’s economy. In response to the upcoming summer vacation, the Commercial Press will be in the "Xinhua Bloom" Culture and Education Reading Monter, through inviting the cultural and educational world, carry out the form of reading activities, research and development, recommended reading books, etc. Summer life. In order to inherit the excellent traditional culture, during the summer vacation, the Commercial Press will also hold dozens of activities to enrich the reader’s holiday life, and improve the core level of primary and secondary school students. Among them, the "Symposium" of the Language and Technical Management Division of the Ministry of Education, the Commercial Press and China Education News – 2012 – 2011 Reading Action Seminar ", held in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province in July.

The event is the theme of "cultural inheritance and tool book reading", promoting the whole people in the form of special report, open class, teacher lecture, etc. In July, during the 30th National Book Trading Expo, the business printed library invites Dr. Shandong University History and Culture School. Liu Chang Yun, Central Party History and Literature Research Institute, Zhang Yun, famous Kunqu artist Zhang Weidong and other experts, live and readers interact, recommend "Deng Xiaoping and the Chinese Communist Party of China" "New Times Student Dictionary" "Human Wisdom and Life" Book; In August, during the Shanghai Book Exhibition, the Commercial Press will organize 17 activities, invite Professor Shanghai Jiaotong University, Wang Zhenxing, Tongji University, Chen Zhouxing, and the professor of the East China Normal University, Chen Zikai, etc., is recommended for readers "Daily life mental health 50 questions "The Shanghai Drama Academy" Drama Education Series "," Not a known Zhang Ailing "and other books. (Editor: Yang Yupo, Lu Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.