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He never thought that the position of the Lotus Village is so good.,More don’t think that Li Hui’s eyes can be so far。
I immediately decided to put Zhang Er Zhuang to let the Lotus Village to open the maintenance station.。
Li Hui’s suggestion is also very simple,That is, there will be a seed station in the future.,Vegetable stop,Food station,Various sites are concentrated in Lotus Village,Let the future of lotus villages can have the purpose of making money.。
Xu Laofu can even think of these sites after implementation,Then Lianhua Village can open a market.,The village that can generally open the city can be developed good village.。
More,Xu Laifu is more and more admire, Li Hui。
After explaining this matter,Li Hui Hui has sent the rest of the strawberry to Zheng Mingshan.,At the same time, I went to the cold storage to find a few apples and sent it to Zheng Mingshan.。
After all, the strawberry and apple seeds he baked abroad have begun to study abroad.,He is still some。
In case it is true that these things can be produced.,So, his plan is probably a loss.。
To make money quickly,It is impossible to accumulate wealth.。
When he returned to the orchard from the city,The sky is already dark。
He just came back today.,I saw a table in the yard.,Meals have been done on the table。
This is familiar with the feeling that he can’t help but think of Qin Ya.。
But very quickly,The people who came out in the kitchen interrupted his thoughts.。
I saw that Sun Yaru took aprik on a few small dishes.。
Although the sky is dark,But still covering Sun Yaru’s snow white skin。
A pair of words dragged the delicate and white.,A denim ultra shorting,One of the upper bodyTShirt,Simple and leisure。
Sun Yaru saw that Li Hui is coming back to returning.,After all, she has been very busy in these days.,But the more busy,The more she wants to think about Li Hui’s life.。
She finds that as long as Li speaks with Li, I can always learn something.,Although I can’t let the other person occupy myself,But as long as it is close to the other side, she has a harvest.。
These days, Lincheng also called her again.,She also revealed the things of Li Rongbei strawberry directly.。
And Lincheng also learned from Zheng Tian Cheng, where the property of the high price fruit is.。
Lin Cheng, who got this news is very happy,Directly played 20,000 yuan for Sun Yaru。
If it is,She will definitely be happy,However, since I saw Li Hui, I bought 20 million villas with Qin Su.,These 20,000 pieces feel like two dollars.。
Even the first time she wants to refuse,But I thought about it now, I have no ability to fight with Lincheng.,She gave up the idea of this resistance.。
Although I don’t know why Lin City is so happy.,But as long as this thing should have a big impact on Li Hui。
“Yaru,What day is today,You just came back to cook so early.?
And have done so much,Can you eat it??”
“Gill it to eat in the morning.,I have to do such a rich dish tonight, but I have to tell you thank you.。”
Looking at Sun Yarna’s back,Li Anti-style is also a bit of a bit:“Thank me, what??
I don’t seem to do anything.?”
I heard this,Sun Yaru came out of the house from the house.,Laughing:“Thank you for giving me a job,Still so late,In fact, I would like to drink a few more cups tonight.,Then tell you the truth,But I am afraid that I will drink more. I am telling the truth, you don’t believe it.,So I am going to frank with you in advance.。”
Looking at Sun Yars, open a bottle of beer,Li Hui has some hair。
“Don’t open it first.,What do you tell me first?,Otherwise, I am afraid that the beer is too drunk.。”
Chapter 433 I love you, do you believe?
Is it afraid that I can’t get drunk??”
Sun Yawu said that when he said this, he directly gave Li Hui Feng and a kind of eye.。
This is a dream that Li Hui’s wind is dreaming, and Sun Yarri can have such expression.,To know that when he pursues each other, it can be said that it is always very cold but if it is a feeling that is free.。
But now that the other party feels that,Let Li have some difficult to agree。
“Hey-hey,no,I don’t want to know what you have to fight with me??”