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“it is good、it is good!”Chaos Alien, Ba Lao, is not a good temper.:“Wait for me to catch you,I will make you well‘Enjoy’!”
Baola opened the big mouth of the left and right heads,A gust of wind spit out a dragon and snake,A flash of thunder flashed in the eyes of Asuka’s head。
Thunderstorm,Directly hit Li Ming’s big formation,Li Ming’s face changed slightly due to its mighty pressure。
The power of this wind and thunder,Makes his big team feel a lot of pressure。
If the attack is stronger,I’m afraid he won’t be able to hold on。
“boom~”Seeing wind and thunder attacks are useless,The ape’s head also opened its mouth,Spit out raging flames。
“Be careful!”Li Ming’s face changed a lot,The range of the formation rapidly shrinks,But as the formation shrinks,Power is also slightly increased by 30%—At the same time, the mana consumption also increased rapidly。
“What do you have,Take it all out!”The strength of this chaotic alien race is indeed better than me。
The four powers looked at each other。
“Don’t say you don’t have much success,I guessed it after I knew something that happened back then,Nüwa’s xinxing will inevitably leave something for the Three Realms。”
“As far as she has reached the realm of Pangu God,The best thing to stay behind is。。。”Li Ming smiled slightly,“The law of the big formation!”
Moral Tianzun’s face has become very weird:“No loss is the candle dragon–Big brother,You guessed it really right。Yes,For this time,Sanqing he sent me a team of immortals,I can lead the battle,Power surge。But under the bombardment of the opponent,I can’t set up a big battle。”
“Don’t worry about this,I can block his attack for ten breaths of time!”
Li Ming’s eyes flashed,Forbidden。
Forbidden technique level is not too high,But it also increased Li Ming’s mana power by 30%,The whole formation turns。