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And what about Xiao Fan on the other side?
It was after Shen Xiaoya drove a long way out,Are still standing there stupidly。
I know that Shen Xiaoya’s car is no longer visible,Xiao Fan just turned around,Walked back to my car。
What Lin Yuner told herself about Liu Shanshan,I have completed it smoothly.,The next step is to talk to my wife,That is, Lin Yuna will report on the task。
The secret of starting the car,Xiao Fan also made up his mind,I went directly to the direction of the Lin Group。
After the car parked at the Lin Group,Xiao Fan first went to his security department,Because so many things happened recently,and so,Count it up,He hasn’t been to the company for a long time。
For the newly added security department,Xiao Fan can be said to have put a lot of thoughts,Although Wang Mingyang and his men are secretly protecting the Lin group,but,That is the periphery after all。
Once there is something wrong with the Lin Group,Just Wang Mingyang or his subordinates,It must be too late to help。
so,Once things come to that time,Can play a decisive role,I’m still responsible for the security department。
Okay,When Xiao Fan came to the security department,All security personnel,That’s been done in accordance with all the training rules and requirements I have set before。
Even if he had a sudden attack like this today,He also didn’t see anyone being lazy,In other words, I slack off my job。
To this,Xiao Fan really felt very satisfied。
Inspected my own security department,And after making some new arrangements for the security department,Xiao Fan went directly to Lin Yoona’s office。
When Xiao Fan came to Lin Yuna’s office,,Lin Yuna is working,So when Xiao Fan knocked on the door and came in,She was really surprised。
Because Xiao Fan came to Lin Yuna’s office,I didn’t tell Yoona Lin in advance.。
As for the purpose of this,From Xiao Fan’s point of view,Just to give Lin Yoona a surprise。
as expected,When Xiao Fan suddenly appeared in Lin Yoona’s office,Lin Yoona’s expression showed surprise,Then turned to joy。
“Xiao Fan,Why are you here?”Lin Yoona said she stood up from behind her desk。