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7 Passionate Actions for Bodybuilding!

7 small movements for bodybuilding can gently and effectively arouse passion and make you feel more energetic!

  Movement is effective only if it is carried out persistently, but it is not an easy task for busy office workers.

When it comes to sports, it doesn’t have to be sweating and panting.

This kind of blind exercise will not only fail to strengthen the physique, but will also be counterproductive.

Sports medicine believes that the level of exercise is not directly proportional to the effect of exercise.

Excessive and excessive exercise will lead to a large amount of consumption, reduce the body’s resistance to disease, and soften bones and bones, thereby damaging the health of the body.

For those who do not have an exercise plan, grasping the timing of the exercise can more gently and effectively arouse passion, which makes people feel more energetic.


Wake up in the morning-do gradual exercise.

Place the pillows behind your back, with your hands straight back and on your body.

When doing contraction exercises such as stretching lazy waist, the human body will naturally form a situation of lifting hands, ribs pulled up, chest cavity enlarged, and deep breathing. This strengthens diaphragmatic activity, affects the whole body, triggers most muscle contractions, and accelerates blood circulationRefreshing purpose.


When dressing-do back chest expansion exercises.

Hold your hands behind your back, straighten your chest while straightening.

In addition, chest expansion exercises and soft chest are easy and effective breast enhancement exercises. Chest expansion exercises have a wonderful effect on preventing sagging chests.

If you have heart improvement, you can always do enhanced maintenance and care at any time, not too late at any age.


When using the toilet-do cavities.

Tooth movement restores periodontal ligament vasodilation, improves local blood circulation, and can stimulate the connective tissue membrane of the periodontal ligament to better fix the teeth and reduce the chance of suffering from dental diseases.

At the same time, cavities increase oral saliva secretion and help digestion.

Long-term adherence can make your body better.


When brushing teeth-do anal lifting exercises.

Every morning and night, brush your teeth and stick to the anus lifting exercise. The specific method is: lift the anus during inhalation, close the stomach like a bowel movement, and slowly relax the anus during exhalation, even 20-30 times.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that anal levitation exercises can enhance qi and lift viscera, thereby regulating qi, blood, yin and yang.

In addition to preventing constipation and hemorrhoids, anal levitation has curative effects on visceral droop and plasma dysfunction.


When wearing shoes-Don’t sit on a stool, bend your knees, squat down and wear shoe laces.

Although this action is small, it can stimulate the muscles of the calf and the ankle.

In this way, you will feel that the leg muscles are working hard, creating conditions for forming enough tight muscles.


When sitting in the office for a long time-get up and slap your body.

If you’re too lazy to sit on a chair in your office and don’t even want to stand up, consider throwing your hands in place and slapping parts of your body.

Tapping is a good self-massage, which can shake the meridians and organs inside the body, relax them and avoid cervical and lumbar spine diseases caused by stiff and numb limbs.


When broadcasting a TV commercial-doing eye movements.

Exercise should pay attention to the details, including the movement to your eyes. During the day, we should pay attention to the computer work, and at night, pay attention to the TV to rest.

Have your eyes been moved?
To avoid eye fatigue, give your eyes 10 minutes to exercise.
During the TV commercial, roll your eyes to relax the eye muscles and relieve the fatigue of eyesight.