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Dietary remedies for fresh vegetables

Vegetables contain a large amount of cellulose, which has a good laxative effect on the human body and can reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer.

Chinese medicine believes that people of different physical types should choose different fresh vegetables. The following briefly introduces the therapeutic effects of several fresh vegetables and their physical fitness.


Amaranth is sweet and warm.

Li Shizhen said, “After the winter solstice, the seedlings will be five or six inches long from February to March, with fine white flowers blooming like one.

“Amaranth is a primordial fresh wild vegetable. Because of its delicious fragrance, it is commonly used in folks to pack or stir-fry pheasant meat, or boiled with tofu.

But most people don’t know its medicinal value.

It is often used clinically to treat a variety of bleeding disorders, such as hematuria, women’s functional uterine bleeding, fundus bleeding in patients with hypertension, bleeding gums, etc., and its good hemostatic effect is mainly caused by its containing amaric acid.

At present, there are two kinds of amaranth on the market. The vegetable leaves are short and have wonderful fragrance, which has good hemostatic effect. The other is artificially planted, and the vegetable leaves are wide, not too fragrant and have poor efficacy.


Amaranth, also known as convolvulus, has a flat, sweet taste.

Stir fry, soup, and cold.

Because of its mild taste, it is often not recognized by people, and its medicinal value is ignored.

The “Fang grass-like tree” of the conference is called “the strange vegetable of the south”, because it can detoxify, such as detoxification of parasites, arsenic, wild kudzu, cassava and other poisons; cure tincture, poisonous snake bites;Women with leucorrhea, pulmonary fever, hemoptysis, nosebleeds, and unknown poisoning.

There are records in the book that it can cure fever rash by taking it orally, and it can cure sore pain, swelling and poison by external use.

Purple amaranth contains insulin-like substances, so diabetics can help control blood sugar.


Basil vegetable tastes flat and sweet.

As early as the Tang Dynasty, it has been listed as a dietetic product, and the Tang Dynasty physician Sun Sizhen described it in Qian Qian Fang as “relieving qi, nourishing the spleen and stomach, and eliminating phlegm”.

Basil dish has obvious effect of calming the liver and clearing the heat of deficiency, and has a good effect on those with hyperactivity of liver yang such as hypertension, dizziness, irritability, dizziness, restless sleep and hot cough with phlegm.

Have laxative effect, especially suitable for those with internal heat and constipation.


Ginger flavor is slightly warm.

Every day, you need to add ginger for seasoning fish, meat, chicken, duck, shrimp, crab, etc.

Ginger’s medicinal effects include removing colds, removing fishy smells, stopping vomiting, sweating, cough, and nausea.

Ginger pili water can cure bacillary dysentery, heat sores to leave ginger skin, cold bacteria to scrape ginger skin.

Due to the rising ginger, it is not suitable to eat at night, because the popularity of the night has converged, it is not appropriate to rise in the opposite direction.

Take 3 slices of ginger and 10 pieces of jujube for the treatment of spleen and stomach deficiency, duodenal ulcer and stool diarrhea. It is often effective.

It must be stated here that those with excessive internal heat and yellow tongue coating, and those who do not eat ginger.


Leek is sweet and warm.

It is a good invigorating and strong agent with stomach-building and aphrodisiac functions.

All dreams caused by kidney yang deficiency, slippery, backache, frequent urination, pediatric bedwetting, women with sore leucorrhea can often eat leek, so it is also called “Qiyangcao”. If fried with Kaiyang (shrimp), its effect is more effectiveit is good.

But internal heat and constipation, dry mouth and tongue who avoid leek.

Leeks are dizzy, and those with eye diseases, such as conjunctivitis, should not eat.