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Mobile service staff hand teaches villagers to use mobile Internet access to live.

Anhui Mobile is for map, mobile emergency communication vehicles provide a bullding unit for CCTV. Mobile network technicians actively cooperate with CCTV live teams, carefully check the live broadcast network demand, and ensure live broadcast site wireless network and wired network, and achieve super HD smooth live interactions and exciting programs broadcast, showing the development of beautiful pictures of Huangcun, Huangcun, Huangcun, Huangcun, Huangcun, Huangcun, Huangcun, China. The harvest field hopes unlimited, the gold support is constantly, Anhui Mobile has received the high visual assembition of "China Granary" program group with excellent technology, professionalism and good security effect.

Next, Anhui Mobile will continue to perform national enterprise political responsibility, social responsibility, economic responsibility, give full play to the strengths of the company, technical advantages, talent advantages, and continuously accelerate 5G network construction, strengthen 5G application innovation, create a batch of 5G with demonstration leading role The project scene, which strives to promote the village of Anhui Province to the forefront of the country.

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