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On December 13th, the news of the Central Meteorological Observatory. At 8 o’clock yesterday, there were small days in the northeastern part of Inner Mongolia, and there were small days in the northeastern part of Heilongjiang. At 5:00 yesterday, there are 4 ~ 8 ° C to cool down in Northeast China, North China, Huanghuai, Jianghuai, Northeast, Jiangnan, north of Heilongjiang, East, Henan, Shandong Zhongnan and other places have dropped more than 10 ° C . In this morning, there is less than 1 kilometer in the Middle East, Hunan, and the western part of Hunan, and the local visibility is less than 200 meters. In the next three days, it is affected by the short-wide slot. There will be small to China, and there are heavy snow in the north of Xinjiang. At 8:3am to 8:00 on December 8, in the northern part of Xinjiang, some parts of the northern part of Tibet were small to China.

In some areas in the middle of Hunan, there are light rain in some parts of Zhongnan, Yunnan.

Some parts of Inner Mongolia, north of Tibet have 4 to 5 winds.

The southern part of the East China Sea, Taiwan Strait, Taiwan, there will be a large wind of 7 to 8, the gust of 9 levels in the South China Sea. National precipitation forecast map (8:00 on December 13th – 8:00) At 8:00 on December 14, the eastern part of Jilin, north of Xinjiang, the northern part of Tibet, and the southeastern part of the southeastern part of Qinghai. In the snow or rain, there are heavy snow (5 ~ 8mmm) in some parts of Xinjiang North Xinjiang. Southwest Hubei, northwestern Hunan, Northeast Jiangxi, Northwest of Fujian, southern Sichuan Basin, southern Chongqing, north of Guizhou, and the eastern part of Taiwan Island. There are 4 to 5 winds in some parts of Inner Mongolia. National precipitation forecast map (8:00 on 14:00 on December) 8:00 on December 15th, 8 o’clock, the central part of Xinjiang, Xinjiang Yili Valley and Nanjiang Basin, Southeast, Tibet, Western Qinghai Western There are small snow or rain.

Jianghuai, Jianghan, Jiangnan North and the West and the eastern part of the Sichuan Basin, the northern part of Guizhou, and there are light rain in the north of Guangxi. Some areas of Inner Mongolia, and some parts of Gansu Hii and other places have 4 to 6 winds.

National precipitation forecast map (8:00 on December 15th).