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“And what I am most worried about now is,They are almost ready!”
When Jiang Ya’s words are finished,at this time,Wang Teng seems very calm。
Other questions,I don’t think about it for now。
But from the current point of view,Such a thing,Actually, it’s already ready。
As for Wang Teng itself,But there is no time to think about it。
Because it looks like in Wang Teng,These things,Actually, it’s already ready。
As for the next,What kind of method is needed to solve it。
Actually just these problems,It did come very well。
“All right,Actually start now,There is no need to think about these for now。”
“As for the next,What should I do?,These things,How could I not know?”
slowly,As Wang Teng looked at him subconsciously。
Actually these things,Wang Teng has already seen it。
And the more so,Actually here,Wang Teng itself,Didn’t feel it at all,What impact will this look like?。
but,Just swept in front of you a little bit。
After looking at these,Wang Teng at this time,While watching,I feel more and more,Such things should be considered in the long term。
“They are preparing,Actually I am also preparing。”