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Those guys have been unable to succeed,And the sneak attack just now failed。
I have nothing to say about such a decision,If you don’t withdraw,In a place like this they have no chance to leave。
Watching those guys leave in a hurry,The old man’s guard wants to chase,But was stopped,Because chasing is useless。
Since they dare to come here,I must figure out how to leave。
At this moment the venue has been smashed into a mess,They can’t eat anymore。
“Nice to meet you,If not disgusted,Little brother must come to play with me in the future!”Old man kind invitation。
“rest assured,As long as you don’t worry about my peach blossom stuffing,Naturally happy。”
I can see through my mind,Make the face of the old man who has already drunk more rosy,Even a little embarrassed。
then,In the eyes of Xia Chenglong and Yingzi,The opponent leaves quickly。
Chapter 618 Little people