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“Good knife!It’s really a superb soldier!The increase in combat power reached 8%!This knife is too powerful!”Carita Tu Shan loves it,Muttered。
The sword he used before,It is a stainless steel saber produced by Bai Rimen,Is a skilled craftsman at Bairimen,On the basis of Jing Zhongyue,Restructured,3% increase in combat power,It’s already a very rare weapon,But compared with the knife in his hand,Judging by,The gap is too big。
“This knife has a name?Cut iron!Haha,It’s called Zhantie!Not bad,Not bad!”Tu Shan was so happy that he could close his mouth from ear to ear。
Liu Wenzhang saw him so in love,Smiled:“Then you can use it!This iron cutter looks very suitable for you。”
It’s a pity that this person Tu Shanming has to be stubborn with others,Face up,Shouted:“Suitable ass!I want to watch a few more!”
Talk about it,Tu Shanming put the iron knife back into the stone box,I’m going to hold another stone box。
I don’t know how he hugged me,Actually hugged,Ten fingers passed through the stone box,As if that stone box is just flowers in water,Moon-like phantom in the mirror。
“what?What’s the situation?”Tu Shanming is annoyed,I reached out to find another stone box next to it。
as expected,Those stone boxes are still somewhere between reality and illusion,Obviously watching is right in front of you,In fact, the true distance may blend together for a thousand miles,It’s even possible that they are not in the same space at all。
“Haha!You can only choose one!Can’t get anything else!”Liu Wenzhang is from a big family,Knowledgeable,At first sight,Suddenly laughed。
“Fucking!Is there such an operation??”Tu Shanming is anxious,Went fishing twice,The result is also no success,Other stone boxes,He never touched It won’t work。