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Be wary: the elderly often fight to prevent cancer

In daily life, it is not surprising to accidentally snoring, but it is necessary to be vigilant if you continue to fight frequently, because this is often not a small problem that can heal itself.

Some doctors have received an elderly patient who has been suddenly snoring. After the symptomatic treatment, the condition has improved, but the intersexual disease is still interrupted, which seriously affects the living of the elderly.

When I went to the hospital again, the imaging examination found that the left lobe of the old man had 3 × 3 cm of tumor in the left lobe, which required immediate surgery, otherwise it was likely to metastasize and spread.

  It is diagnosed that the elderly continue to snoring because the tumor causes liver enlargement and stimulates the diaphragm to cause diaphragmatic spasm.

Clinically, patients with esophageal cancer, cardiac cancer, and gastric cancer also have symptoms of continuous snoring.

  Experts reminded that the general snoring is due to too fast, too fast to swallow food, or eat irritating food, as well as slow stomach motility, eat too much food, will naturally disappear after a few minutes.

However, if you continue to fight and shorten the time, you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, especially the decline of the elderly’s immunity, the function of each organ is reduced, especially to prevent the occurrence of tumors.