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Enjoy a happy life with high-fiber diet

“Constipation” has been wasting a lot of people. The main reason for constipation is the lack of fiber and water transport. In addition, the amount of activity is reduced, and the gastrointestinal motility is slowed down, which affects the discharge of feces.

At this time, taking more vitamin fiber is very important for improving constipation.

  Supplemental fiber mainly comes from plant foods, which refers to substances that cannot be absorbed by the body, such as: fibrous, semi-cellulosic, pectin, gum, lignin, etc.; can be divided into fiber and non-synthetic fiber, dailyThe intake is 20?
30 grams.

  The main functions of supplemental fiber are as follows: prevention of constipation and replacement of intestinal cancer fiber can increase the body of feces, stimulate the peristalsis, help defecation, and reduce the time that feces stay in the intestine to reduce the contact time between the intestinal wall and the harmful substances in the feces, andChange the type and quantity of indirect microorganisms and reduce the production of carcinogens.

  Plasma fibers that lower cholesterol in the blood combine with in vitro replacement of cholate to increase plasma breakdown, thereby lowering the concentration of cholesterol in the blood.

  The gradual slowing of blood sugar can slow the rate of blood sugar in diabetic patients.

  Increase satiety, including chewing time that needs to be replenished, and strong water absorption, which can increase satiety.

  The main food sources of dietary fiber: whole grain rice, wheat, such as coarse rice, oats; fruits, vegetables, dried beans, stone fruits, seeds and so on.

  How to increase dietary fiber to eat?


Change the fine white rice into coarse rice or whole grains.


Eat at least 5 kinds of fruits and vegetables daily.


Replace some meat products with soy products.

  By supplementing fiber in high-fiber diet, it can promote gastrointestinal motility, help the absorption of water in feces, make feces smooth and soft, increase the volume of feces and easily discharge, and then adjust the life and work, moderate activities, can improve the form of constipation.

  Demonstration recipe: high-fiber fruit soy milk material: 200 ml of sugar-free soy milk, 80 g of apple, and 1 kiwi.

  Production: Apple, kiwi peeled and cut into pieces.

Add sugar-free soy milk, apples, and kiwis to the juicer and mix them evenly.