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The disadvantages of acupuncture to lose weight

What is the most appropriate age for choosing the age group for weight loss?
Between the ages of 50, because young people in this age group have to undergo an alternating process of moving to a bad state due to physiological changes, energy consumption is also reduced from day to day, so it is easy to produce too much.

However, the functions of the human body in this age are relatively perfect. It is easier to adjust the internal function through acupuncture treatment, and promote the decomposition of aunt to achieve the purpose of slimming.

  Grasp the weight loss treatment acupuncture weight loss treatment should be carried out continuously, 10 times for a course of treatment, every other day or once a day, at least 3 courses of treatment; 3 courses between treatments should not be interrupted, in order to achieve better short-term and long-term effects;After 3 courses of weight loss, you can rest for 1-2 weeks, and after stopping treatment, will continue to produce weight loss within a certain period of time; then continue for 1 — 2 courses to consolidate the effect and prevent rebound.

  Note that the plateau and ineffective periods are different due to obesity in obese patients.

There are differences in constitution, each patient has different degrees of sensitivity and tolerance to acupuncture pulse stimulation, so the weight loss process will have a plateau period and an ineffective period of temporary weight loss or stagnation.

The platform period is no more than 1 course of treatment. It is often seen at the beginning of weight loss period. Although the weight loss is not obvious, the aunt’s organization will change significantly, the waist circumference shifts, and the clothes are loose. If you continue to treat according to the plan, the weight will soon drop.The plateau period can also be seen in the late stage of weight loss, when the body weight is close to normal, the treatment of this period has the significance of the same effect.

Invalid period is common in weight loss subjects are not fat (perhaps although overweight but no accumulation), or stimulation sites, pulse frequency form, stimulation time, etc. can not make the patient sensitive, or repeat a pulse frequency or amplitude to make patients patientlyFor the latter two treatment methods, you can change the acupuncture points and change the acupuncture time (one conversion per day every other day).

1 time), adjust the course of treatment (including the number of times per treatment and the interval between treatments).