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Since the development of the party history, Liqiao Town, Beijing Shunyi District, in-depth promotion "I have a practical thing I do for the people", the emergency people are urgent, the people’s difficulties, solve the life "small things" win the people "Satisfaction ".

The members of the Baozi Village, Liqiao Town, found that the trees on both sides of the intersection of the South Square in the bayonet, some branches were blocked by pedestrians and vehicles, and the leaves of the leaves caused many fitness equipment, soldiers. The tennis case and leisure table and chairs are damaged, which not only affects the normal walking of pedestrians, but also has security hidden dangers.

The Nason Village did not appeal first, and immediately convened the environmental person in charge to analyze the research and discuss the solution. Organizing 5 staff uses high ladders and twigs and other tools to trim to clean up on both sides of the trees to ensure the safety of pedestrian vehicles.

After one morning in order trim, most of the problems have been treated, appropriate trimming not only promotes the branch of trees, but also eliminates safety hazards, but also makes the village environment to improve, effectively improve the living environment of villagers in the jurisdiction.

Liqiao Town Highway Station received a citizen reflecting the branches of the tree branches on both sides of the cherry garden community, affecting pedestrians.

Liqiao Town Highway Station immediately organized workers on both sides of the cherry garden community road to mass trim, clean up the branches for 30 trains. It has been fully trimmed. At the same time, the road maintenance personnel found that the cherry garden cells were blown with a pine tree, forming a 30-degree angle with the ground, and there is a safety hazard. Maintenance workers immediately trimmed the dead branches, put the trees and fixed trees with brackets to avoid dumping trees to hurt pedestrians.

In a small thing, practice the initial mission, in the life of the life, the responsibility is demonstrated. Next, Liqiao Town will continue to "think of" before "service", in the "real" word, work hard, heart, use, force, force, and solve The "urgent expensive" problem of the people, to do "I do a matter for the masses" to enhance the people’s satisfaction. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.