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The third amateur three basketball league final scene in Hebei Province. People’s Network Su Chun Dan 2021 Chinese Men’s Three Basketball Professional League Season The first Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Three Basketball Invitational Tournament (Finals) Xiongan New District 3rd Enterprise Elite Three Basketball Challenge Three major events will be in 2021 雄安The three people basketball culture in the new district is held! ! October 16th 2021 Xiongan New District three basketball culture around the world! 48 teams gathered in the 安 公 激 对 对! These include 12 domestic high-level professional team Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Three Basketball Invitational Tournament, the top three Xiongan New District enterprises and institutions elite team gathered a group to defend the honor? Who can make a breakthrough? let us wait and see! Welfare is coming! ! ! ! In order to give back the vast fans, the fans of the people and the net joint introduction sports invites you to watch the game! From October 16, we send 50 game balls for free a day! ! ! Participation: WeChat search and pay attention to the people’s Xiongan network WeChat public account in dialog box "I want a ball!" And send us to randomly select some of the netizens ticket list will announce each WeChat user before 13 o’clock before the game. Received 2 ball tickets (randomly random) Good news, there is still no time, don’t worry, we will pass the people’s Xiongan.com WeChat public number, video number live broadcast of the exciting event three basketball development to the children who love to play. More The choice and opportunity can foresee this Xiongan New District three basketball culture Week will not only pick up basketball heat in the new district, not only to join the sports and fitness, will also open the outside world to better understand the male, understand the window of Xiongan Xiongan brings together the high-quality, high-end sports events and resources at home and abroad, the formation of high-level, sustainable series of events, and even the development of the fitness and leisure industry provides help to gather youth strength to help the Xiongan construction Xiongan’s fans friends love Stop, exercise is not only seen in our field! (Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.