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Securities Times reporter Zhu Kai On October 9th, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Further Improvement of Listed Companies", and made a comprehensive system deployment arrangement for the quality of listed companies.

Listed companies are the cornerstone of the capital market, and there is no good listed company without a good capital market. At present, Shanghai and Shenzhen, listed companies have exceeded 4,000. Among them, Shanghai has concentrated a large number of high-quality blue-chip companies and scientific innovation enterprises that focus on main business, good performance, governance, and conflict transparent, basically cover the key leading enterprises and segmentation fields in various industries. It is the main force of the national economy, and the troops of science and technology innovation.

According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange last year, Shanghai Motherboard Company realized the business income trillion yuan, accounting for more than 70% of the A-share market, accounting for nearly 40% of GDP; realizing net profit trillion yuan, accounting for a share of the A-share market is about 80% five; The amount is trillion, accounting for nearly 80% of the total market. The revenue of Co-Chuangban has increased by 14% year-on-year, and net profit increased by 25% year-on-year. R & D is investive in the new high, and a batch of breakthrough technological innovation results have been obtained.

At the same time, we must also see that as in recent years, some companies are in trouble, some company risk broke out, such as financial fake, fund occupancy, violation guarantees, etc.

Since this year, it has been influenced by new corona pneumonia epidemic, and the production and operation of listed companies is also facing new tests.

In this context, the "Opinions" will be described as that, in order to improve the quality of the listed company, it provides a powerful guarantee and support of the system and mechanism. In order to solve the company’s current outstanding problem, further consolidate the capital market continues to be safe and healthy and healthy. The basics. The CONIL is the main battlefield for the development of capital market reform. As the organizers, managers and servers in the market, the above-in-hand office promotes the quality of listed companies. The key tasks of the deposit office have always been surrounded by promoting the quality of listed companies. Establish a crankbank and pilot registration system, bring good entry, enhance the inclusive, and support the listing financing of various forms of Kechuang companies.

Streamline the optimization rules system, improve the quality of regular reporting industry and finance, encourage listed companies to do voluntary confidence, vigorously promote performance instructions to improve information disclosure to highlight the company value, improve quality. Keep against key minorities, focusing on market chaos, combating financial fals, and optimizing supervision to promote the regulation of listed companies and improve quality. Promote the continuous supervision system such as reorganization, refinancing, equity incentives, and share reduction, promote the innovation of bond market, to provide a more appropriate institutional environment for the company, transform upgrade, and improve technological innovation capabilities to support companies Use good capital tools to do strong.

Establish a special mechanism for service, implement a three-year action program of state-owned enterprise reform, support central enterprises, local state-owned enterprises to promote mixed ownership reforms, and enhance operational vitality. Increase risk resolution efforts, steady to promote stock pledge risk resolution, support people’s persistence difficulties, to do deep service to enhance the satisfaction and feelings of listed companies.

In November last year, the Securities Regulatory Commission has developed "Promoting the Quality Action Plan of Listed Companies". The Exchange Office has established a special working group, and fully implements the requirements of action plan, and promotes the quality of listed companies.

Next, the Submit will earnestly implement the "Opinions" deployment of the State Council, conscientiously implement the requirements of the Securities and Futures, and adhering to the spirit of reform and innovation, courage, service dedication, will promote the quality of listed companies as their glorious mission. In the near future, you will have the following work: First, the mechanism, focus on cultivating the company’s good treatment, the difference company has a market constraint mechanism, promoting the registration system, returning the market, acquiescing restructuring, refinance, transaction, etc. Second, the plastic ecology, co-constructing an ecology with all parties, playing real-controlled people, holding shareholders, and the overall key to the high-key minority of the overalls, promoting the intermediary agency, and actively cooperates with local governments to form a joint force; three is to control supervision, Strengthen accurate supervision, guide the company’s standardization, focus on financial fake, fund occupancy, illegal guarantee, etc. Do a good job in daily consultation, training, etc.