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When Tan Long’s eyes moved,Directly in front of you,Tan Long is more excited as he speaks。
After all, now,this decision,Tan Long has been thinking about it for a long time。
So in the next case,Tan Long’s Heart,Even more eager to try。
After all, from the current point of view,How should these issues be arranged,at this point,It’s a very difficult problem。
“All right,Now words,You don’t have to think so much。”
“This time,The scale of victory,Will definitely lean towards us。”
Words of Tan Long,It quickly inspired everyone。
Actually in the hearts of these people,Obviously it feels so。
After all, from now on,Such a problem,There is no doubt that it is a little unexpected。
And outside,A Tan family guard,Ran over in a hurry。
“Young master,Something bad,those people,They are coming。”
what,what is happening?
at this time,Tan Long frowned slightly,When looking far away,There is even a touch of murder in my heart。
Such a thing,Now words,There should still be this need to be solved properly is the focus。