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This is why he asked Shen Lin and Su Ran to get engaged as soon as possible。But now he has Lin Yoona,Have my own family,I can no longer appear next to Xia Qiange as a lover。
The only thing he can do is to protect Xia Qiange,But it must be secretly protected,Can’t let her get any harm,Xiao Fan will never mention this matter to anyone,Just as my memory continues to be sealed。
I met Xia Qiange just by accident,And quickly erased her from memory,Everything is back to calm,But he saw in the information that Xia Qiange hadn’t met anyone he likes for so many years。
Xiao Fan feels very distressed,Xiao Fan hopes that someone can appear to save Xia Qiange’s second half of life,Give her happiness,Protect her,Do her unfinished task。
There are many people Xiao Fan needs to guard,But Xia Qiange doesn’t know what capacity to protect her,Is it older or a former lover?,Still an old friend,Still an old friend,These are problems。
Besides, if I recognize Xia Qiange now,Lin Yuna will definitely get hurt over there,Even though she is usually considerate and sensible,But no one will be angry when encountering such things。
Xia Qiange returned to her room in despair,Sitting on the bed silly,Why she can’t remember,Why can’t I remember that I met this person。
Xia Qiange even affirmed in his heart that he must have known him,And there will be a past,Otherwise, Xia Qiange’s heart won’t hurt so much,Seeing him will not feel the heartbeat I haven’t had in many years。
But Xia Qiange was helpless,She grabbed a handful of hair irritably,Want to know why,Want to know the reason for all this。At this time Xia Qiange’s parents’ home,Which is the home of the famous Dingding Chairman Xia。
A person is reporting on Xia Qiange’s recent whereabouts in front of him,Actually Xia Qiange came out to play in these two days,She always feels bored at home,So Chairman Xia gave her the greatest right,Let her play。
But I can’t leave this country,especiallymcountry,When the people underneath reported this to Chairman Xia,Chairman Xia trembles slightly。
Because he was looking for Xiao Fan’s master,Blocked the memory of Xia Qiange,He knows that Xia Qiange and Xiao Fan are in love,But there is a certain number in everything,Two children can’t be together。
Otherwise, the two of them will suffer one after another,And Xiao Fan will experience a longer time,To break through the highest level of martial arts,So Xia Qiange is a catastrophe for Xiao Fan,And Xiao Fan is also a catastrophe for Xia Qiange。
So they used psychological hypnotherapy to seal part of Xia Qiange’s memory,Erase all the memories of her and Xiao Fan。
Chapter 475 Clear the past
Xia Qiange doesn’t know about this,Only Chairman Xia and Xiao Fan’s master know,However, now Xiao Fan’s master wandering around will naturally not say it,Then the only person who knows the truth is Chairman Xia。