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2016 Snooker British Championship O’Sullivan vs Fu Jiajun live game score results video recording
On December 4, the 2016/2017 season of the Snooker Championship continued. In the semifinals, the Rockets O’Sullivan led 4-2 and lost 3 games in a row. Fu Jiajun got the match point, and then O’Sullivan made efforts to save the gameAt the point, a single shot in the tiebreaker broke 100, and eventually Fu Jiajun was eliminated by 6-5 reversal, advancing to the British Championship finals and will compete with Selby for the championship.O’Sullivan reversed and eliminated Fu Jiajun 6-5. The 2016 British Championship final will be against Selby O’Sullivan won the British Championship five times. This year’s event maintains a very strong momentum. The first two rounds have consecutively blocked Kaidi Kun and Clark.After defeating George WU 6-1 in the third round, he defeated Stevens 6-2 in the fourth round.After losing only two innings in the quarterfinals and defeating Williams, he met Hong Kong star Fu Jiajun in the semifinals. After reversing Jones in the previous round, he entered the quarterfinals of the British Championships after an interval of 8 years.The two played 26 races, and O’Sullivan’s 15 wins, 3 draws, and 8 losses extended the advantage. The last 9 games against O’Sullivan maintained a victory, but Fu Jiajun’s first career career was defeated by O’Sullivan in the 2007 Grand Prix final.  In the first game, O’Sullivan’s feel was not ideal in the opening stage. Fu Jiajun’s offensive mistakes occurred one after another. O’Sullivan gradually established a leading edge, winning a 1-0 lead by 75-20.In the second inning, Fu Jiajun’s offensive feel improved significantly. After the fight on the mobile phone, he launched the surrounding ball and scored 80 points in a single shot to win the game 1-1.  In the third inning, the enduring defensive red ball pile was disbanded. Fu Jiajun scored the red ball after scoring the red ball. Then O’Sullivan scored to get the start and scored 76 points in a single shot. 2-1 lead again.  In the fourth game, after the kick-off, the red ball pile was scattered, and O’Sullivan scored twice on the long table and failed to call for the ball.Then O’Sullivan got through the bench again to get started, after 56-0 the bottom of the red ball did not score.Fu Jiajun then missed the mobile phone meeting and scored 6 points to stick to the pink ball for his snooker. Fu Jiajun missed the penalty and missed the ball. O’Sullivan lost the red bag.Fu Jiajun then chased the points, after 40 consecutive points K Kaku library coffee ball turnover was interrupted, O’Sullivan scored a coffee ball overscore, Fu Jiajun’s basketball attempted snooker, once O’Sullivan sent a penalty, then O’Sullivan playedAfter scoring the basketball, he won this game and led 3-1.  After a 15-minute break, Fu Jiajun scored a red ball in the 5th inning and defended. O’Sullivan missed the opportunity to get a long platform. Fu Jiajun then started to attack continuously and scored 100 points in a single shot and scored 2-3 behind.One round.  In the 6th inning, Fu Jiajun scored 3 points and defended. O’Sullivan then scored 58 points on the bench, then scored a pink ball and the cue ball accidentally fell.Fu Jiajun then got a chance to chase the points, and after scored 6 points, the bottom of the ball did not enter the ball to make the opponent exceed the score. O’Sullivan once again started to win this game 4-2 lead.  In the 7th inning, Fu Jiajun made a 6-0 mistake in the middle of the bag. O’Sullivan then scored 28 points and lost the red ball.In the struggle, Fu Jiajun won the mobile phone meeting again, 78-28 over scored to win this game 3-4 behind.In the 8th inning, Fu Jiajun didn’t make it into the platform, and O’Sullivan started the game with a 47-0 loss.Fu Jiajun scored 8 points to make a red ball error in the top bag, O’Sullivan began to feel the tilt, the simple bottom bag red ball did not enter and missed the ball again, Fu Jiajun then scored this game with a super score, chasing 4-4 in two consecutive games.  In the 9th inning, O’Sullivan took the lead to score the red ball through the bench. After scoring 59 points, the red ball error at the bottom of the bag stopped at the mouth of the bag. Fu Jiajun scored a red ball error after 30 points.In the struggle, O’Sullivan made a snooker to let Fu Jiajun make a penalty, and then O’Sullivan’s safety ball leaked out of the long table. Fu Jiajun’s long table scored and started to play. A clearing of the table reversed the victory and won the game 5-4.point.  In the 10th game, O’Sullivan scored a red ball and made a big-angle mistake. Fu Jiajun lost the red ball after the 21-1 static interference.O’Sullivan started again, and the black ball was pushed again after 47-21.In the struggle, O’Sullivan left a long platform opportunity, Fu Jiajun’s long platform scored and started again, originally locking the situation of the victory, but then lost the top bag green ball with a pole, O’Sullivan seized the opportunity to win the game over the score,Rescue match points 5-5.In the semi-final of the 2016 Snooker British Championships, O’Sullivan vs Fu Jiajun (full game video recording) in the final game, O’Sullivan left the bench with a safety ball, and Fu Jiajun did not fight for the ball to enter the red ball. O’Sullivan playedEntered the red ball to get started, and then scored a single shot to win the game.In the end, O’Sullivan saved the match point, 6-5 reversal eliminated Fu Jiajun, after advancing to the British Championship finals, he will compete with Selby for the championship.Latest attention: 2016 Snooker Championship finals schedule time O’Sullivan vs Selby to compete for the championship