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Pediatric Exterminator Recipe Toon Omelette

March in spring is the season for eating toon.

According to Professor Chen Ruifang, director of the health department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese medicine believes that toon is cool, tastes bitter, and has the effects of clearing heat and phlegm, and eliminating dampness and insecticide.

Modern medical research has found that toon contains toxins, and its volatile odor can penetrate the epidermis of ascaris, preventing ascaris from attaching to the intestinal wall and being replaced in vitro.

  Recommended way of eating: Toon omelette Ingredients: 150 grams of toon, 3 eggs.

  Method: Wash the toon vegetables, blanch with boiling water and remove the chopped; add 3 eggs, a small amount of refined salt, and mix thoroughly with chopsticks; heat the oil pan, spread the toon and eggs in the pot, reduce the heat, notStop turning the pan for about two or three minutes, and fry the other side after frying on one side.

  Features: This dish is good for children to drive roundworms.