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Winter baby shower infinite cold coup

Taking a bath for babies is not only for cleaning, but also to prevent dermatosis.

In winter, the weather is cold. If you do n’t pay attention to bathing your baby, you will catch a cold. So how can you keep your baby from getting cold?

  The study found that the water temperature is 34 ℃?
It has a sedative itching effect at 36 ℃; 37 ℃?
39 ° C can best relieve general fatigue; 40 ° C?
Sweating and analgesic effect at 45 ℃.

Winter smart washing can not only remove the sweat and oil stains, eliminate fatigue, relax muscles and promote blood circulation, improve sleep, improve skin’s metabolic function and disease resistance, but also treat certain diseases.


Cold water bath When cold water is applied to the skin, the blood vessels in the skin contract and shrink, blood flows to the internal organs or deep tissues, transforms the visceral metabolism and strengthens, the body functions actively, the intestinal peristalsis is accelerated, the entire digestive system functions are enhanced, the digestive absorption capacity is enhanced, and the appetite is strong.

Under the stimulation of cold water, the brain will immediately be excited, mobilize the organs and tissues of the whole body to strengthen activities to resist cold, and the relaxation of the blood vessels around the body is replaced by the central nervous system.

Long-term adherence to cold water bath exercise can enhance the function of the central nervous system and slow down the aging and death of brain cells.

At the same time, cold water bath exercise has good complications for neurasthenia, headache, and insomnia.

The cold water bath can make the cells active and keep youth forever, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty.


Hot water bath insists to soak in hot water at about 42 ℃ every day?
For 4 minutes, it can control the secretion of gastric acid, eliminate and control the condition of patients with hyperacidity, gastric and duodenal ulcers; when bathing, immerse the upper and lower parts in 40 ° C warm water for 20 minutes to expand the peripheral blood vessels.Increase the blood supply to the heart and correct the insufficient blood supply for patients with high blood pressure. Rinse hot water at about 40 ° C for about 5 minutes at the painful area, especially the head, shoulders and waist that are easy to pain. You can do soft exercise while punching.Once turned back and forth, it can promote blood circulation and relieve pain.


Wash your face with cold water Washing your face with cold water is not only good for disease prevention but also for beauty.

Because the stimulation of cold water can not only improve the blood circulation of the face, but also enhance the elasticity of the skin and eliminate or reduce wrinkles.

Washing face moles in cold water exercises people’s cold resistance ability, prevents the occurrence of colds and rhinitis, and also has discomfort for patients with nervous breakdown and neurological headache.

Of course, the temperature of the cold water used for washing the face should not be too low, and about 10 ° C is appropriate.


Hot water for washing feet with hot water, the transitional blood vessels dilate, and the local blood flow speeds up, thereby increasing the nutritional supply of the lower limbs.

There are many acupoints on the human foot, and the process of washing feet is also the process of acupoint massage.

Wash your feet with hot water before going to bed, which is clean and sanitary, relieves fatigue, and prevents and cures diseases.

In winter, insisting on washing feet with hot water also has a certain preventive effect on frostbite.

People with insomnia and varicose veins who wash their feet with hot water every night can alleviate the symptoms and easily fall asleep.

Of course, the foot washing water should not be too hot, it is better not to exceed 45 ° C.


Brush your teeth with warm water at 35?

Normal metabolism takes place at a temperature of 5 ° C.

Warm water at about 35 ° C is a benign oral protectant. Rinse your mouth with this water will give people a refreshing and comfortable mouthfeel.

If the teeth are frequently irritated with cold and heat, it may cause gum bleeding, dentinic nervousness or other dental diseases.

  Winter tips to help the baby take a bath, so that the baby is not cold: First, be sure to have a bath, dry your body and supplies when you are ready to put clothes on hand.

(Place clean clothes one layer at a time, with a cotton quilt at the bottom, then sweaters, underwear, and diapers open to the top, and warm them with a heating device such as a hot water bottle.

) Second, wear a waterproof apron to prevent your clothes from getting wet, but also put a large soft towel on your thighs and a chest, so you will feel warm when you hug your baby after bathingAnd comfortable.

  Third, very small babies can’t regulate their temperature well, so try to reduce his naked time.

(You can let your baby wear underwear to wash your baby’s hair first.) Fourth, the baby bath liquid added to the water is better than soap.
  Fifth, older babies can make the towel hooded: he will feel safer and more comfortable.

If you first warm this towel on an electric heater, especially other people have this feeling.

  Six, before getting used to bathing the baby, it is best to put only about 10 cm of water in the bathtub each time.

  Seven, never use baby powder.
With this powder, it is easy to dry the baby’s skin, and it will agglomerate in the skin’s wrinkles, causing inflammation and rash.