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  Implement thousands of complete sets and material assistance projects, carry out thousands of technical cooperation and human resources development projects, and provide more than 15 billion new crown vaccines since 2021 … The State Council Information Office held a press conference on October 26th, introducing China’s anti-disease Assistance and international development cooperation. At the press conference, the relevant person in charge of the National International Development Cooperation Department said that since 1950, China has provided various types of assistance to more than 160 countries. In the future, China will be a healthy, green, and the people’s livelihood, Multilateralism is leading, promoting international development cooperation to help build human fate communies.

  Luo Zhahui, Director of the National International Development Corporation, said China not only realizes the anti-disease struggle and the economic recovery "double lead", but also has carried out the longest humanitarian rescue action of New China since the establishment of New China, "this year China has provided more than 1.5 billion vaccines to 106 countries and 4 international organizations, which in order to prevent and control the epidemic, leading anti-vloys international cooperation.

"For China’s vaccine safety effectiveness, Deng Boqing, deputy director of the National International Development Cooperation Administration, said that from scientific perspective, the World Health Organization has included China National Medicine and Cuixing vaccine in an emergency list, which is an international authority from professional The recognition given by the perspective; from practice, China’s large-scale vaccination, allowing the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine to fully verify that internationally confident, international scientific research and clinical data of international science have also provided strong support. .

  Plant from hybrid rice into the bacteria, from artemisinin to new crown vaccine … For decades, a "business card" of China’s foreign aid has written China to help countries jointly develop, improve people’s livelihood well-being.

  Climate change is a alarm that nature rings to human beings.

Zhang Mao, deputy director of the National International Development Cooperation Department, in the past eight years, China has implemented more than 200 imports of gas-reducing projects, including about 70 Pakistani Congress Building Solar Power Supply Projects, etc. About 150 of the Hurricane Fiji adapted to air change items. In recent years, under South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund, China has cooperated with the various organizations of the United Nations, in more than 50 national development cooperation projects in five fields of food assistance, post-disaster reconstruction, refugee assistance, maternal and child health.

China and Switzerland, Portugal, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand and other countries have jointly revolve around people’s livelihood in agriculture, health, and implement tripartite cooperation projects that meet the needs of Renewal needs.