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If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page According to the media report, at the opening ceremony of the sports meeting held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, there is a class of students to perform the scene "squid game" in the moment, not only Background music, even clothing, props, characters, and scenes have achieved high reducing. In this regard, some netizens said, "The children will play too"; "also have netizens think that" the children don’t want to see this drama, not good to psychology. " Teenagers like to explore new things and are keen to pursue a variety of new advice.

Under the rapid development of Internet technology, massive film and television works, watching, discussing and even performing thermal broadcast movies, or American drama English dramas, Japanese and Korean animation works, have been uncommon, and there is nothing in the teenage group. .

But it is not clear that it is not a film and television work worth a fast, and it is not a hot broadcast of the broadcast. Some play is more horrified, violent lenses and bloody scenes, and the evils of human nature have been too thin. Even the adults have a little eyebrows, not to mention the lack of unique thinking ability.

  Some people may have started from their own experience, thinking that children seeing some playes have no big deal. "Our children’s school teachers give them this movie, it seems that there is no impact, and I have forgotten over time." The fact is that each child’s psychological endurance is different. It cannot be not affected by individual children as a basis for judging.

From many news reports, it is not a small number of cases that are poisoned by some film and television works and even mental depression.

  Adolescents are in a critical stage of values, often learning knowledge, practical skills, positive content or behavioral demonstrations in the process of imitating others, but negative film and television works can also bring them long-lasting negative influence.

For young people who are in the earnings of the hollow, it takes a positive and healthy spiritual life to operate their own spiritual space.

This requires educators to guide the content of their spiritual life, and will be guided correctly.

  As the first responsible person of the child’s growth, parents must do their homework and enhance responsibility awareness.

When the child is still small, it is best to understand the film and television works of the child. I feel that the content is appropriate to let the child watch; when watching, it is best to join the child, so I will answer the children’s various questions.

As children gradually grow up, although they have the rights and freedom of watching film and television works, parents still can’t fall, to take the initiative to understand what children have seen in the near future, take the initiative to understand what children think.

Some children have seen the film and television works of the thriller, they did not dare to fall asleep alone or psychological caution. At this time, parents must have some sense of mind, and to make a guidance in time, or to find professional help to solve the child’s negative emotions.

  Parents consciously cultivate the media literacy of children, so that they learn to judge the advantages and disadvantages of film and television works, and use media to help self-growth, is the way family education. If necessary, parents may wish to recommend excellent film and television works to their children, and to watch them with their children, such as reflecting the high-quality drama that reflects family life, heroes, childhood interests and era.

  Each primary and secondary schools should pay more attention to the student’s chase culture. If many students are passionate about to explore a book, a piece of TV series or a movie, even a student imitated the plot, and teachers, especially the class teacher must have some Pay attention to guidance for necessary values.

For plays containing negative content, the big side may give the discussion on the desktop, help students correctly view the advantages and disadvantages of art works and the value of the hidden in the back.

Any art work can actually analyze from multiple levels, not just analyzing character design, plot development, artistic characteristics, can also be analyzed from values, world outlook, and after the decision of non-high, students are more It is easy to improve the artistic appreciation, and the subtle sedimentation is really good, become a dream, rich, down-to-earth, big generation. Under the realistic reality of the film and television work, you are passionate about what kind of spiritual life and value orientation, not a small thing, need educators to attach great importance to, close attention, actively guided, and then under the cultivation of excellent artwork Develop positive attitudes, good moral quality, healthy life, only this new generation can really grow talented, the future is more worthy of expectation and entrustment.