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Lyon shoots the hand of Xianxing Star,Whole:“I am a glory mental hospital household.,Enjoy private doctors and nurses,You talk to me these,Will the judge listen??”
Zhou Xingxing:0:3ap;039;3」
“Ager,A bit trouble,Ghost Gate is complicated than I imagined。”
Lyon said:“The people outside the door will not go,The ghost in the door is not,Unless you have a master,Otherwise, only the most fluent medium yuan festival can be opened.,I want to kill them can only wait for next year.。”
Ghost knows which day, the Mid-Yuanyuan Festival next year!
Liao Wenjie heart spit,Frown:“Yesterday Zhongyuan Festival Gun,Is it possible to run out one or two ghosts??”
“Not likely,But it is。”
Lyon is very affirmed:“Bloody flavor with shares and odor,Not only the ghost runs out,Some people were killed last night.。”
Speaking of which,Lyon drilling holes on the wall,Throw it out of a piece of bricks。
Under Liao Wenjie,Lyon take off the black windbreaker,Remove the cement from the suitcase to make a brick on a piece of block,Finally smear,Also made an old。
Same as original。
Zhou Xingxing:owoゝ
Early saying that,He is not dead.。
in addition,What is the price of Lyon home?,He recently promoted the salary increase,Considering the renovation of the house in the house。
“Lyon,Can you find the ghost??”
“Can’t,The skill of the ghost hidden breath is very high,But he is wrong, it should not be in the difference.。”
Lyon grabbed a wind,Lily floweriySay:“Old boy,Go with this bloody,Don’t hear it wrong.。”
iyCalyx crazy,Finally, steady point to eight o’clock,Lyon picked up a suitcase to chase。
“and many more,drive to,faster。”
“I have a spare aircraft,You can also use,What to do?”
“Freeze said,I do not have!”
Liao Wenjie refused,Lyon’s aircraft relies on dreams,And only he can provide power,Reserved than leaning against electricity,In case he suddenly hurts the brain
Think of this,Liao Wenjie was scared to fight,He can’t think that you are gently gently.,Zhou Xingxing that picked up the body:“Don’t die,Hurry to drive,Let your abstract part open tonight.,See what the real ghost is like。”
Chapter 69 It’s you
Deep water 埗 partition police branch areas and scarce,During the day,The surrounding plant is very lively,Can be at night,Especially after ten o’clock,In addition to the truck, on the road, do not see pedestrians。
“Your three bastards,Let you come out,Actually played here”
Zhou Xingxing opened a car,I saw three police officers to lazy,When you are angry,Take the door to a stinky。
The overall supervision is so cool.,The total police officer has also obtained!
“Ax Xing,Don’t。Hurry to drive,One step later,Someone was killed,Be careful of people, seven, come to you to tell you。”Liao Wenjie warned a sentence。
“Not,Jiege,I have been around for half an hour.”
Zhou Xingxing aimed at the Lyon,Small channel:“Not, I don’t believe you,But I don’t believe that potted flower,It can really take us to find a ghost?”
“LiyI have been with me for many years.,It is from the ghost life.,Downtown,First class,Never there never an error。”
Lyon open road:“It turns to turn can only explain that the ghost move is very fast.,Some pickup,Ordinary people can’t see their eyes。”
Say it as really。
Zhou Xingxing mouth,At foot, throttle, stepping,Drive toward a remote road。
“Lyon,You just saidLiyFollow you for many years,Still stuzzy,It’s hard to do it??”
This, Liao Wenjie wanted to ask very early.,According to what he knows,Lifelry time is not long,Even if the climate is cool, it is about two weeks.。