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Chapter two return
The sound of the helicopter boomed,Where,The tranquility is broken by Xiang Chen and others。
The pilot is a bit tired,Subconsciously glanced at Xiang Chen in black,Seeing the latter, he still stared blankly into the distance,Only then did I dare to yawn secretly。
Long flight,Always tired easily,But Xiang Chen seems to have lost all his sensory systems,There is no change in the stiff face,The only change is to lean on the side of the helicopter,What do you see in your eyes,What’s in my mind,Nobody knows。
Finally an island appeared on the pilot’s sunglasses。
“Master Chen,We got home!”
The voice of the pilot’s speech makes people unable to hear any emotions,Just a mechanical reminder,Like a navigation system。
“You take Young Master Zuo home,I want to calm down!”
Xiang Chen gave an order,Don’t wait for people on the helicopter to react,He has jumped out of the helicopter,Plunge into the sparkling ocean。
The pilot on the helicopter and the people behind him who were rearranging the remains of the body were helpless,But there is nothing to do with Xiang Chen’s actions。
“Young Master Zuo,We go home!”
Silently in my heart,The island in my eyes is getting closer and closer to the helicopter。
Paradise Island,Named after a bunch of lunatics living on the island,This is an island that all countries on earth want to erase,Then Paradise Island was really removed from the world map,Even the radar is not willing to scan here,It’s just a fly in the ointment,Paradise Island still exists,The lunatics on the island are still alive,And live well。
Paradise Island is an island,Also so far,The best mercenary group in the world。On an island less than a thousand slopes,Assassin、Killer,Later I have a family,Then Paradise Island became ordinary,Terrible can’t be terrible。Most people here live by buying and selling lives,But this does not include their own lives。
Regardless of the government,Still a giant in the business world,Things these people are inconvenient or afraid to do,Someone will do it,And Paradise Island is undoubtedly the best among them。
The helicopter landed slowly,There are already many people on the tarmac,Except for a girl in military uniform with a ponytail in the front row,Everyone is a big guy,stand in a line,Like a tall city wall。
“Brother Azuo!”
The hatch of the helicopter just opened,The ponytail girl rushed up crying。