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and so,As long as it is a wound cut by an angry sword,Directly produce a terror killing effect that tears twenty times。
and,Lu Menglin’s blow just now,For this dark dragon leader,It’s too insidious。
Because even though he wears the best Chiyue equipment,But the power contained in this hit,But it’s not the unique light pattern power of the god nation at all,But the most authentic space energy,Which is the original power possessed by the dark race。
Lu Menglin himself started from space energy,The use of space energy has reached the point of perfection,Just now this space battleship collects space energy on the battlefield,In addition to building a space force field,And transferred part of it into Lu Menglin’s body。
and so,Lu Menglin uses the huge space energy to match the tearing effect of the Anger Slasher,Killed the Dark Dragon Lord and caught him off guard,Ripped its defenses in one fell swoop。
The Lord of the Dark Dragon did not expect this low-level human race,It’s so cunning,And I don’t want the other party to be able to use space energy,It just concentrated on preventing the damage caused by the light energy,But I didn’t expect the other party to use space energy,Calculation error,So I missed a lot。
And through this blow,The leader of the Dark Dragon finally realized the threat,That’s a huge threat!The power that this human race has,I already have the ability to hurt myself。
When the leader of the dark dragon hesitates,Lu Menglin has already held up an angry sword,Ready to charge the next blow!
He put
Is a fighter stunt《Open Sky Slash》Posture,Just this action of raising the knife,Has already revealed an awe-inspiring temperament,Formed a terrible pressure。
Although I haven’t gotten the knife yet,But Lu Menglin’s whole body is like a Yangtze River,Talk endlessly,All the way up。
The remaining space energy in the body has been assisted by the system,All turned into light energy,With the power of the whole body’s best Chiyue suit,Lu Menglin believes in the power of this knife,Bound to earth-shaking。
And this imposing power,Firmly locked the leader of the Dark Dragon,And made it feel a huge threat。
“you,How powerful are you?Forty-four?Do not,wrong!You are a 45th level combat power!right?”There is a sense of panic in the tone of the dark dragon leader。