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How seductive a lady is most tempting

Keyword 1: Can be low-key, rejecting mediocre stuff is a sexy aftertaste.

  In the Korean drama “Mermaid”, Yin Yaliying, dressed as a lady, behaved dignifiedly, but quietly put on a low-cut dress, and wantonly danced a Latin.

  The life of “Sao Sao” can be low-key, but refuses to be mediocre.

They are usually rich in heart, have very subtle perceptions of life, and are very willing to dismember these perceptions, infiltrate into every day’s clothing, and then strategically let you discover it all.

  In this way, the clothing of the “Sao Sao” will not be very dazzling, but when you look down, the red high heels hidden under the black clothes will make you amazed!

  Keyword two: People who are neither active nor passive are not adventurists. They have already passed the stage of hunting for strangeness in their hearts, and it is their strategy to use static braking.

  They always remind themselves to keep their heads clear, not afraid of anything else, but unwilling to delay their efforts in vain, and unwilling to make unnecessary sacrifice.

But when the possibility comes, they will never give up, and fully express their understanding is their wisdom.

  Keyword 3: People who give up on pomps and pay attention to details may not buy a big house, but they will spend a lot of time in decorating the house.

Small places are particular about their expertise.

  San Mao, a Taiwanese female writer, drifted overseas with her husband during her lifetime and lived in a rented house without any discouragement.

She will lay an embroidered tablecloth on the carved door panel to feast her friends and dumplings; she will place the cranium picked up in the desert as a treasure and place it in the most conspicuous place in the house . Mengsao tribe and San Mao are in the same circle:The color of the sheets must be matched with the curtains; the balcony will never be placed only on clothes. More often, it is like a garden. On a sunny day, you can move a wicker chair to sit there and bask in the sun.Bandry’s music.

  Key word four: Only those who want to love are sullen. People who don’t react easily to sexual cues.

If they have a decision to love, they will send enough signals themselves.

The heroine Francesca in the novel “The Dream of the Covered Bridge” was originally an orthodox, slightly sexually depressed housewife, but after encountering true love Robert, her eyes began to emit awful radio waves, with a little melancholy, warmMeaning, joy, and complexity are fascinating, and Robert was called to her bed with little effort.

  For the sultry, a precise sex is better than a hundred tedious flirtations.

  The lady sullen model Fan Ming collects hidden short hair, a T-shirt, a cowboy-looking Xiaoya, and all are avant-garde new humans.

One day after work, she asked her colleague to help with a computer problem, but the colleague was anxious to leave, and she rushed to her hair. “Just a moment, help out.

“Dangling around, the bow tie on the back of the sexy tube top hidden in the T-shirt was accidentally exposed.

  Everyone changed her view of this “indifferent world” little girl, and also knew that she always likes to visit the high-end underwear area in cool clothes all day.

Colleagues teased her about “Sao Sao”, Xiaoya grinned: No?

Can’t show off in the clear, can’t show up in the secret!

  The performance of Shen Yuan’s stuffy man is: After strolling in the mall for a long time, he only brought back a few colorful lace thongs and hid in the room to try on the mirror in turn, and laughed while wearing it. One day seduced his boyfriend .Of course, the sultry is not burst out suddenly, but “the shameful rose opens quietly”, which is created by the surrounding environment and the growth of the personality space.

Because such beauties have experienced a long period of kindness and virtuous morality, and constrained the morals of the three virtues, they have cultivated a combination of light and dark: “glamour”: usually restrained and occasionally exposed, so they show the rare “exposure” charm.

This kind of dew is half-covered and naturally revealed at the right time.

  Li Shuang made no secret of her sullen feelings: when she accompany the client to the venue of the exhibition hotel that day, when she went to the bathroom on the way, she took hold of the mirror, made a few chest lifts, raised her head, and twisted her hips, and quietly pulled the skirtThen, Xuediba dancers put on a few sexy poses.

Coincidentally, when someone came in, she instantly returned to normal, and washed her hands calmly and went out.

  ”I just like to play tricks secretly. Anyway, no one knows. Is it okay to appreciate it?

“In her opinion, it’s not appropriate for a woman to reveal her style, and sultry is a way to vent.

  Relatively speaking, Alin’s sultry index from Shuxiang Mendi is higher than her: distance commute clothes, angular shoulder bags, elegant makeup, elegant pace, she is recognized as the standard white-collar beauty.

  However, in her briefcase full of documents, a breath fresh spray was hidden.

According to friends, on the night of February 14th, she went to Zhongshan Park with a few regular heterosexual friends. Under the conservative black trench coat, she was actually a pink bellyband.

Under the neon lights, everyone was shocked and stunned: Arin even had occasional exposure.

She was innocent: When did I say I was a lady?

  Linking it down again, the behavior of the obedient girl Xiaoji is no longer incredible: in the Old Tao Tea House, her companion found that under her black trousers, emerald fishnet stockings loomed under her black trousers.

A group of people puzzled: This woman doesn’t seem so good .