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Why do men pinch strange women’s ass

A biologist joked with a friend, saying that all (healthy) men, when looking at strange women, always unconsciously fall on her breasts and buttocks. He explained that this is the original instinct and nature of human beings.Rather believe that this is the simplest and simplest truth.

  However, the fundamental reason why man is the spirit of all things is that he can use “rational and will” to restrain his greed and snatch, so that all his instinctive behaviors are limited to a reasonable and legal, ethical scopeWithin.

  Mr. Kong Qiu has always believed that human nature is good, and throughout his life he encourages people to be positive by inducing sermons.

Advocating respect for men and women and the three outlines and five constants followed by publicity.

Qin Huangzheng, who burned books and Confucianism, once warned the Chinese people to “take the officials as teachers”. Our traditional civilization established a “Tianzimen students as a model”, which is unbreakable. Later Confucians advocated “cultivating oneself and governing the country.The claim of “learning excellent scholars” also at least expressed this valuable effort.

All this directly led to the innate deficiency and stagnation of the construction of the rule of law in contemporary China. It is also an important reason why government officials are unable to eradicate corruption and corruption today. We excessively and rashly trusted government officials to resist the ability to overcome various temptations.

  Christianity lies in the fact that man has an inherent sin, and preconceived indoctrination has given us a transcendental fact that “human nature is evil.” All the topics of the Western social development planning system are centered around this.

“No robbing of other people’s property, no harm to other people’s bodies and no prostitution of their wives and daughters” has become the most basic common sense of human beings. If there is a violation, they must accept sanctions, undermine the responsibility, and respect the responsibility of ruling the country. Its substitutes are only human innate.Malignant.

It can be said that modern legal thoughts that originated in Christianity show that human beings have a serious distrust of themselves.

  And those who “can’t convince themselves of the existence of God from the heart, have never dreamed of God” insist that people become both good and evil, and that everyone has the nature of profit-seeking and the nature of wealth.When the interests respect others’ interests at the same time, it is good, and when the interests of others are harmed in order to achieve personal interests, it is evil. ”

But between good and evil, power is the devil who is most likely to swell.

For individuals, the law means promoting good and punishing evil.

For the state, the rule of law is the opposition to government power and the regulation of state power attached to human nature; the rule of law is the refusal to trust human nature, the refusal to trust the human nature of state officials of ownership; the rule of law is the restriction of public power,”The king is under the law” is self-evident and the passive habit of the idea of good and evil; the rule of law can make you free from sin, can make you sting the plump bottom of a strange woman, stop the punishment and give up to try the law, endless criminal urge.