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So long?

One day and one night!
His eyebrows were locked tightly together, and his mood suddenly became tense again as soon as he relaxed.
"But it will be an hour soon when you are born in the afterlife, and you will come out. Xiaoxiao, this is a second child and it should be quite fast." Zhong Yuhong added.
Han Dong "…"
After another 2 minutes, Yu’s family finally hurried over.
Chang Huanyan holds the old lady Yu Dongchen, Yang Xi Yu Chengyan and Han Minxia, and everyone looks very anxious behind them.
When I got to the front, the old lady couldn’t help complaining, "Why is the Third Ring Road so blocked on a big weekend?" Really worried me to death, Xiao Xiao, how is she? "
Mrs. Han said, "It has been sent in for more than an hour."
The old lady nodded and waited.
Gao Xiaobai was the last one to come with him, and he got the message and hurried to Yuyuting and You Xiaoqiao.
Korea’s old lady is wrinkly to knit the brows at the sight of the little guy. "Why is Xiaobai here? There are no classes in this school, right? "
"Ahem" and "Gao Xiaobai" calmly walked to the bench and sat down. "Dad called me and I came."
Korea’s old lady glanced at Han Shu and smiled. "Ok, let’s sit and wait together."
Gao Xiaoxiao has been sent in for two whole hours, but there is still no sign of opening the door except occasional crying. Han Han can’t sit still, get up and walk back and forth in the corridor.
Korea’s old lady frowned and rubbed her head and said, "Ah, can you stop walking around? You’re shaking my head."
Han Shu stopped and held "click" in his hands. "Why haven’t you come out for so long?"
In a second, he went straight over and began to beat the delivery door with his fist.
The door made a "knock" sound, which startled everyone. Zhong Yuhong got up and grabbed him. "What are you doing? Don’t affect the doctor inside."
"Why haven’t you come out after two hours?" Han Shu frowned and acted like a young boy at the moment. "No, I’d better go in and watch it!"
"What are you doing in there?" Zhong Yuhong is worried.
Yu Chengyan, on the other hand, said, "If you want to go in, go in. It will make you … unforgettable."
Han Minxia "…"
May be heard knocking at the door, a midwife nurse hurriedly opened the door from the inside, Han Shan saw it and immediately grabbed her and said she would go in to accompany the baby.
The nurse frowned and went in for advice.
After a while, the door opened again and the midwife said, "Your wife won’t let you in."
Han Dong "…"
After another pain in the delivery room, Gao Xiaoxiao was lying there with no strength at all.
Six years ago, when the first child gave birth to Gao Xiaobai, she had already experienced this kind of heartbroken pain. I didn’t expect it to be smoother this second time … This time it was even more painful and less smooth than the last one. No matter how hard she cooperated with the doctor’s slogan, the baby wouldn’t come out.
Her face was full of water, whether it was sweat or tears, and her hair and clothes were almost soaked, just like being fished out of the water.
Doctors and nurses are also anxious to lower their heads from time to time and talk about how they can’t be born. Why can’t it be born?
Especially there is an evil man outside who will smash the door and window every once in a while, which really puts everyone under great pressure!
However, the hospital does not want pregnant women to have caesarean section unless absolutely necessary. After all, it will be better for pregnant women and children to have a natural delivery anyway.
Gao Xiaoxiao also knows this. When Han Shao shouted outside that she would have a caesarean section, she almost shook her head without blinking and told the doctor that she could continue to insist.
Another hour passed and the baby was still not born.
The doctor can’t help it. Sweating out of the delivery room, is it recommended to give Gao Xiaoxiao an oxytocin injection?
Han Shu frowned. "What is an oxytocin needle? Will it affect my wife and children? "
桑拿论坛The doctor wiped his sweat and said, "It doesn’t matter."
"It doesn’t matter if you don’t fucking call earlier?" Han Han blurted out scold a way
Both the doctor and the nurse were startled, and Zhong Yuhong was embarrassed to pull him to apologize to the doctor. "Sorry, my son is worried, he didn’t mean anything …"
At this time, in the delivery room, Gao Xiaoxiao shouted the painful sound again. Han Yan shouted at the doctor in a hurry, "Are you ok?" If you can’t, change someone quickly! "
Doctor "…"
"Sorry, sorry, my son, he is so impulsive when he is nervous." Zhong Yuhong’s face is red and he directly pulls Han Shu back to sit down.
"Doctor wang! Doctor Wang, come on … "The nurse inside suddenly shouted eagerly.
The doctor didn’t say much when he came, but turned around and went in to work. The delivery door was once again taken.
Bench corner
Han Minxia secretly grasped Yu Chengyan’s hand-written novel and said, "Husband, it’s a good thing that I was born in Shanxi at that time."
Look, big brother, this is simply abusing doctors!
Yu Chengyan silently dropped a drop of sweat.
Yeah, how miserable it was when he was abused by his wife in the delivery room. I guess he came out early because he was also distressed.
Yu Youxiao stretched out his hand and touched his still flat abdomen. Listening to Gao Xiaoxiao’s pain, he turned pale with fear.
It’s so hard for a child to be born. How will her two children be born then?
Yu Yuting also frowned for a few seconds and then made a decision in his heart. When the time comes, Xiao Qiao must have a caesarean section!
After half an hour, the delivery door finally opened again.
The baby cried instantly, one by one, loud and clear.