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He didn’t look away, but his eyes were more apologetic

A long time he gently nodded "yes"
I immediately smiled.
桑拿He promised that he would slowly release Gu Changyu. It was a scam from the beginning to the end.
Should I thank him for not lying to me this time and admitting it directly?
At this moment, I don’t know what mood I should face him.
I hate him to the extreme, and the strong hatred just now almost broke me out.
But now I have strength and frustration.
Because I found myself reluctant to part with him.
Hate to kill him, hate him …
I secretly clenched my fist and said, "Go away. I don’t want to see you again. No matter how many reasons and sweet words you have, I can’t forgive you again."
When I said this, I was actually poked in the bottom of my heart and gurgled with blood.
He froze and slowly reached out his hand as if he wanted to hug me.
I leaned forward and dodged.
His hand stopped for a while.
For a long time he lowered his eyelids and whispered, "… I’m sorry."
I ignored him.
He didn’t speak again.
Chapter 29 How can these two people come together
After a long silence.
I don’t know how long it took Ye Xiangyuan to finally speak again. "I’ll call my eldest sister-in-law to accompany you. Take a good rest and we’ll talk about other things later."
Then he went out.
I watched his back disappear, and the corridor felt like I had been dug up.
Luoluo can’t find a foothold
I can’t bear to think of saying goodbye to him again.
What can I do if I can’t bear it? It’s better than being abandoned by him as a plaything.
It was terribly quiet in the room. I looked out of the window and the whole city was flashing with neon lights.
Many stories happen every day in this city, and what happens to me is just one of them.
No one knows how to end the curtain.
I couldn’t help laughing gently.
Sister-in-law came in not long after Ye Xiangyuan left.
She looked at the table insulation box and asked me, "Haven’t you eaten yet?"
I was somewhat embarrassed to see her.
Although eldest sister-in-law doesn’t say anything, I always feel that she really knows everything
I get along well with her, and she has saved my life. I also like Xiaojin very much … But as far as identity is concerned, she is Ye Xiangyuan’s eldest sister-in-law. If I fight with Ye Xiangyuan, it is the opposite with her …
Sister-in-law smiled slightly. "It’s still hot. You should drink it quickly."
As always, she picked up the spoon and fed it to me herself.
I quickly thanked her without thinking about the embarrassment in my heart.
Then I finished the soup in silence.
Sister-in-law later showed me baby photos.
The baby has been kept in the incubator, but I heard from my sister-in-law that the baby is very healthy and will meet me soon.
In such a short period of time, the baby looks much better and the skin turns white.
I looked at the photo of the baby’s delicate face and the depression and melancholy in my heart slowly dissipated.
Sister-in-law accompanied me quietly until nine o’clock. Before she left, she suddenly took my hand and whispered, "I will support you no matter what decision you make."