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When they left this small village, they came to the Song-Jin border, which was still sparsely populated. There were no garrison soldiers on the border of the Loess Plateau. When they arrived at a post on the south road of Hedong in Jin State, several beggars immediately greeted them.

"Master Hong Ling Shaoxia, our brothers in Taiyuan have found a large group of Japanese people who seem to be escorting something by car!" The first five bags of brothers reported to the two men.
"As expected!" Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong immediately rushed to Kaifeng House that night. The name of Kaifeng House is the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty, which is extremely prosperous. After the national subjugation of the Northern Song Dynasty, the Jin people have always regarded this place as a stationing place. However, two years ago, Tuo Lei led the Mongolian army to attack Kaifeng House, which almost flattened the wall of this historical city. The city completely lost its original strategic value. Later, Mongolia attacked Xixia and voluntarily withdrew its troops. Although Kaifeng House returned to the hands of Xu Guo, it was almost a dead city.
Two people have been running around for a whole day. Ling Feiyang’s little red horse is still full of energy, but Hong Qigong’s horse is very tired. So they decided to rest in the city for an hour or two, and then they traveled overnight. Ling Feiyang found some fodder to feed the horse. Then they went into a residential house where people lived and rested on a dilapidated bed.
The night is deep, and the silence outside the starry moon house becomes very clear, even the faint night insects croak.
"Blare ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
"D? This must be another Japanese ninja trick … "Ling Feiyang said that the two men listened to the cry, which seemed to be getting closer and closer and gradually came out of the window.
A snow-white figure suddenly drifted across the window in the dark, which was very eye-catching, followed by a knock at the door and came in from outside.
If it were for ordinary people, they might have been scared to death by this scene, but Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong were not afraid to be alert.
"bang!" I don’t know when the door suddenly opened, but a cold wind poured in from the outside. At the door, there was a woman in white with long hair and a long face.
"Female ghost?" Ling Feiyang was thinking about this woman in her heart, but she moved over to two people. Ling Feiyang found that her clothes were not square and her legs were floating over!
"This flying is worse than teaching the ghost king! How about I try her martial arts … "Ling Feiyang suddenly used a Yang to point to this female point and went out.
The female figure retreated back sharply, but she still didn’t escape this finger. With the "poof", a body was stabbed with a small hole by the wind! However, this small hole is dark inside, which is the night behind her.
spa会所Another night wind blew into the room from the door. Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong just saw that this’ female ghost’ was a human cardboard!
However, at this moment, the woman cried again and entered the cardboard from outside, moving forward quickly and approaching them again!
"How can this cardboard move by itself?" Ling Feiyang suddenly remembered a terrible technique in Japanese Ninjutsu-the magic technique!
This kind of magic, or puppet art, is a kind of magic that people summon different creatures to attach their souls to paper bodies. God can follow his master’s orders to cast various spells to attack the enemy. Because this kind of endurance is too illusory and lacks scientific basis, it is a possibility that it is almost impossible in reality.
However, this cardboard control technique is very similar to the magical technique. Ling Feiyang is thinking about what is the mystery in this. This cardboard has floated to the front!
"Kang Long has regrets!" Hong Qigong hit the thick cardboard with a palm and was immediately shattered. A white smoke actually emitted from the cardboard interlayer immediately enveloped the whole house!
Ps: Ling Feiyang defeats the misty ninja Hong Qigong and continues to track the fall of Tai Zhao. However, in the dilapidated house in the middle of the night, he encounters the mysterious ninja of Japan-can Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong rush out of the darkness to break away from witchcraft and seize the Japanese ninja hiding behind the scenes? Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 227 Puppet ninja
"Poisonous smoke again? Wrong! " Ling Feiyang suddenly smelled a strange fragrance and a few tears immediately flowed out of her eyes. Her eyes were sour and painful, but it was hard to open them! The body also becomes limp immediately, and it seems to be sleepy!
It turns out that this white smoke contains an anesthetic plant extract, which can slow down the nerve transmission speed of people, make the reaction slow and finally lead to shock. Because this anesthetic is not poisoned, the anti-toxic substances in the flying body can’t play a role.
"Seven men rush out the door!" Ling Feiyang hurriedly held her breath and rushed out of the house with Hong Qigong. Both of them felt a little awake, but the surrounding scene almost stunned them!
In the moonlight and night, the 40-50 white humanoid puppet floats half like a group of ghosts, and Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong are surrounded!
The girl cried and floated from nowhere. These humanoid puppets started to move together and gradually narrowed the encirclement! Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong are afraid to smash these puppets with their hands again. Seeing that these puppets have gathered around, they suddenly burst and white smoke immediately filled the night!
"Shocked for a hundred miles!" Hong Qigong’s two huge palms pushed forward at the same time, and the palm breeze immediately scattered this piece of white smoke!
However, another puppet burst in half and white smoke immediately poured out again!
"Suddenly!" Ling Feiyang imitates Hong Qigong’s method and hits the white smoke with his left palm!
Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong Zhang Feng kept dispersing the white smoke. However, they still inhaled a lot of anesthetic gases in their mouths and noses. They all felt that they could not last long. Ling Feiyang thought to himself, "After all, shooting sculptures is not a Japanese animation. These puppets can never really attack spontaneously like a god. Someone must be behind the scenes!"
Thought of here, Ling Feiyang carefully observed the nearby scene while slapping white smoke, and saw that the 40-50 white puppet was surrounded by a half circle, and it was dark and there was no sign of the manipulator.
"This person must be hiding in these puppets!" Ling Feiyang immediately made a judgment and then scanned these puppets one by one. Suddenly he found that one puppet was hiding behind the other four or five puppets and seemed to deliberately avoid his eyes!
"If you don’t hide, maybe I can’t find it!" Ling Feiyang thought about immediately observing the puppet behind him and seeing that the puppet side vaguely has two pillars that seem to be two legs!
"It turns out that this puppet ninja is dressed in white clothes and mixed with other puppets, but he is wearing black pants and shoes. It is very difficult to tell in the dark. If you don’t observe carefully, you will definitely find this person!" Ling Feiyang thought that the little finger of the right hand suddenly pointed out to this person. It was the six-pulse Excalibur that rushed less!
This refers to the wind from the front of a few puppet cracks through the sudden attack to the white man with black pants in the chest. This person is also very alert and suddenly evaded this finger to a longitudinal!
"Haha, you found out!" This person’s mouth is very awkward. His Chinese figure is falling and flying. Before Hong Qigong, it was the Emperor Shunde of Fusang who gave the command ten forbearance-puppet ninja royal ghost pill!
"Brush brush!" A dozen swastikas dart out of the left hand of Imperial Ghost Pill Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong hurriedly dodge the Imperial Ghost Pill. Suddenly, these puppets are driven by extremely thin wires to overwhelm Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong!
"Seven male flying dragons!" Ling float in the sky the words sound just fell and these puppets have blasted rolling white smoke to cover the ground of Fiona Fang for two or three feet! However, Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong’s figure have jumped into the sky at the same time and avoided these narcotic gases when they reached this mass of white smoke!
"Fei Long Tian!" This recruit by ling float in the sky and Hong Qigong two people at the same time use power is increased several times! Imperial ghost pill quickly dodged backwards and took out a stack of paper rolls from the bosom to meet the palm wind of the two people. The paper rolls actually grew up quickly and became a baby-shaped doll!
The baby’s whole body is white, his head is round and his face is smiling, but his eyes and lips are red. In the dark night, it looks very scary. Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong hit this doll with their hands at the same time, but this doll doesn’t seem to be stressed. It fluttered back two or three feet and flew towards them again!
Six-pulse Excalibur Less Shang Jian! Ling Feiyang pointed out to the baby doll that there was a small hole with the "poof" doll, but the doll was not affected at all. It was still flying in the imperial ghost pill and the paper roll was constantly unfolding. The baby doll was getting bigger and bigger, and gradually grew to more than two feet high, pressing Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong like a wall!
"What kind of attack is this?" Ling Feiyang is secretly on guard against the imperial ghost pill figure. Suddenly, a wild knife flashed out from behind this man and cut it down at Ling Feiyang!
"The dragon fights in the wild!" Hong Qigong’s left arm suddenly swept out from the side and attacked the imperial ghost pill. The imperial ghost pill did not dare to meet his body and flashed back and returned to the doll!
This doll’s body continues to grow, which has completely covered Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong’s line of sight. Royal Ghost Pill suddenly flashed a knife from behind the doll and split it at Hong Qigong!
"Shocked for a hundred miles!" Ling Feiyang’s hands launched the Imperial Ghost Pill at the same time without recklessly, but still quickly retreated behind the doll!
Royal Ghost Pill constantly launched a surprise attack on the two people with the help of doll cover. However, Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong are masters after all, making the dragons and dragons take care of each other and making the Royal Ghost Pill take advantage of it.
"Sting!" A crack suddenly appeared in the giant doll’s chest, and the shape of the Imperial Ghost Pill quickly jumped out of the crack, throwing out three swastikas in his left hand and attacking Hong Qigong with his right hand Nakano Taidao!
The attack distance is very close. Hong Qigong swatted three steel darts with one hand, but it’s almost impossible to avoid this knife. Thanks to Ling Fei’s Yang-handed disease and Yang-pointed disease, the wrist of the Imperial Ghost Pill drove the Imperial Ghost Pill to take back the moves and then jumped back from the crack of the doll!
This night is unusually dark and huge white doll forms a fresh visual contrast. This doll is actually a layer of tissue paper, and it is really difficult to be found after the doll is hidden in white. At this time, the royal ghost pill comes out from behind the doll and attacks Hong Qigong. Ling Feiyang bends over and grabs a mass of black mud from the ground and throws it at the royal ghost pill!
Royal ghost pill ling Feiyang throw what hidden weapons did not go to attack Hong Qigong hurriedly to flash behind the doll, but the clothes still splashed several drops of mud. Ling Feiyang looked carefully at this giant doll and saw that there were a few black spots behind this thin paper. Immediately, he used his right hand to point his finger at the sword and stabbed it!
This finger castrates slowly without a trace of wind, and from the doll tissue paper through the "poof", it hits the body of the Imperial Ghost Pill! As soon as the Imperial Ghost Pill screams, it drags the doll to escape in the distance! "Kang Long has regrets!" Hong Qigong hit out a palm to the imperial ghost pill, and the imperial ghost pill removed the Hong Qigong palm wind in front of the doll like a huge barrier! Royal Ghost Pill will quickly take off the black clothes in white and then float away to the distance for a moment, then the darkness will be integrated.
Ps Puppet Ninja Imperial Ghost Pill’s strange tricks are endless. Ling Feiyang found out his true body twice with keen observation and outstanding ingenuity, and finally repelled this dangerous enemy. However, the attack by Fog Hidden Ninja and Puppet Ninja only opened the prelude to the confrontation of the Central Plains martial arts in Japanese Ninjutsu, and rescued Tai Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong, who knew the mountains and tigers, but challenged Hushanxing to enter the Mongolian border and challenge the even more horrible Japanese Ninja! Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 22 Temujin ambition
"These Fusang ninjas are really fantastic. If I always call someone, maybe they are already on their way at the moment …" Hong Qigong looked at the escape direction of the puppet ninja Imperial Ghost Pill and couldn’t help but sigh deeply.
Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong took a short rest and rode on their way out of Kaifeng City and continued to the north. At noon the next day, they came to the boundary of Xu Guo Taiyuan House.
"Taiyuan House is the border of Mongolia and Jin. It seems that they have brought Zhao Hong back to Mongolia …" Hong Qigong speculated that once they enter enemy territory, they will face more Mongolian masters and soldiers Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong, and it will be more difficult for them to save Zhao Hong!
Dozens of miles away, a Mongolian barracks suddenly appeared in front of the road. There are two arrow towers next to the barracks. More than 100 Mongolian soldiers guard the arrow towers. It seems that this is the Mongolian-Jin border.
"Let’s go straight through!" Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong are both masters. How can they be afraid of this little border sentry? Ma Chong was about to rush to this sentry and suddenly saw seven figures on the other side of the sentry!
"It must be the spies of the Song Dynasty who stopped them!" A Mongolian centurion shouted, "Two pagodas, more than a dozen archers immediately pointed white arrows at Fang, and other soldiers drew their swords in droves!"!
Xiao Ying!’ Ling Feiyang immediately recognized the beautiful figure in the crowd! It turns out that these seven people are the seven eccentrics of Jiangnan!
"Kill all these Mongolian tartars!" "Flying Bat" Ke Zhene immediately recognized the enemy’s movement and shouted to everyone. At the same time, his left hand waved three iron ling to rush the top three Mongolian soldiers to the ground!
The seven eccentrics in the south of the Yangtze River rushed over to meet the Mongolian soldiers with their spears!
Han Baoju, the "King of Horses", took the lead in rushing into the crowd on a BMW "chasing the wind for thousands of miles". BMW kicked a Mongolian soldier to fly to Han Baoju, and then a golden dragon whip "hiding in the stirrup" rushed out and swept off a Mongolian soldier’s legs!