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Luo Qijiang became nervous. He could not imagine what would happen if Lome Wei was strengthened by a man again. In the previous video, she cried for several days. She was so upset that her parents were sad together.

Bang! He hit the door.
But I couldn’t open the door.
Luo Qijiang is really in a hurry. He doesn’t know the situation inside, but it must be urgent.
"Bang!" He bumped into it again, but after the body hurt, the door still stood there firmly, and there was still no sound and reaction in the box.
"You told it about Luo?" A few ruffians in the box have already felt that knocking on the door is dangerous. Looking at Lome Wei’s eyes seems to be swallowing her alive.
"Jiang always want to …" Jiang Han also slightly nasty, after all, los home with Jiang Gu unusual sometimes it is better to have more than less.
"Wait, don’t worry, let her taste the taste of self-immolation, and she will be a little better once." Pale cold said that Jiang Junyue sat firmly in the chair and watched Lome Wei being humiliated. If she can’t let Lome Wei remember for a long time this time, she will disappear from this world directly.
Section 77
"Don’t do this. It’s good for you to beat her and scold her. Just don’t let those men take her …" Lanjingyi couldn’t help pleading again.
"Silly woman, you don’t know that if you get caught, it’s worse than her." Jiang Junyue is in no hurry. Take this opportunity to tell Lan Jingyi and then provoke those people. It’s better for him to worry about her. He can’t protect her 24 hours a day.
"Don’t ever dare to dump me again." Lan Jingyi naturally understood Jiang Junyue’s meaning. "If you had picked me up, I wouldn’t have chased you. I really blame you."
"Ha ha ….." He smiled at her JiaoChen small voice and comfortable "come on, let’s spare her in your face. Jiang Han go and get the drill."
Jiang Han immediately brought a drill "Jiang Zonggei"
Jiang Junyue has other ways to pick it up, but now he just wants to play with the drill. "Is everyone ready?"
"Ready, General Manager Jiang"
"Well," said a lacrosse, which was lazy and went out with the drill. Lan Jingyi only wanted to talk to the past but heard him yell, "Stay in the office honestly or you won’t see Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang today."
This sentence made Lan Jingyi stop at once, and she knew that he was afraid that she was in danger of going out with him.
Forget it. She can see it in her chair. Soon Lomevi’s balcony door will be opened.
Jiang Junyue went out and a socket connected with a long line has been sent to the door of box 19. Jiang Junyue bent over and inserted the drill into the source, then hit Luo Qijiang with his elbow. "Well, come by yourself. I’m really not interested in saving your sister. Don’t let her get me wrong." Let Luo Qijiang take the drill and he is lazy to step aside and lean against the wall. To tell the truth, he really wants to see Lomevi’s reaction when she sees him here. Well, that must be great.
"Peng Peng … Peng Peng …" The drill rang through the commotion box corridor "bang" a door finally opened.
"Help me" Lome EU turned white with a little face. At this time, she was disheveled and was caught by a dagger. The bright red blood was slowly oozing from her white neck …
"Get out of the way or I’ll kill her." The man with the dagger roared fiercely. "Get out of the way! Give me his mother! Get out of the way!"
"Bang" rang again. Luo Qijiang got out of his hand and watched Lome Wei’s neck bleed. He was really nervous.
No matter what Lome Wei has done, she is his own sister.
"Let her go," Luo Qijiang growled coldly. "Let her go and I’ll let you go."
"Bullshit, I’ll believe you. Just back off." The dagger in the man’s hand is getting harder and harder, and the blood is pouring out of Lomevi’s neck.
But Lome Wei didn’t shout or call her original face in awe. Now she has receded. Instead, she looks very surprised. She stares at the man leaning against the wall outside the door. Who is that face that is not Jiang Junyue? "He … He … He’s not dead?" She murmured as if she saw some monsters. "Look at him … Look at him. Is he a person or a ghost?"
Her reaction made the dagger-wielding man lose sight of Jiang Jun and suddenly he was surprised. "Impossible … Impossible. Are you fake?" I saw’ Jiang Junyue’ get into the car and saw the car fall into the sea with my own eyes.
Jiang Junyue smiled, tall and straight, standing there like a javelin, but oppressing a few people in the box with shortness of breath. A male consciousness murmured, "How did this happen? We really saw him get into the car and then the car sailed into the sea. Impossible, impossible … "
"Small beauty …" One or two words gently Lome EU is instantaneous collapse.
These two words have confirmed that the man in front of him is Jiang Junyue Xiaomei. It was only when he was a child that he called her nickname. How long ago did he call her nickname, but he never thought that he always remembered those happy times when he was young.
桑拿论坛Tears streamed down. "I’m sorry … I’m sorry … I was wrong." The more tears gathered in my eyes, the more I couldn’t see clearly, but what was so clear in the man’s face?
"Let her go. You shouldn’t get any of them if Jiang Junyue isn’t dead, should you?" Luo Qijiang wanted to get close, but he suffered from the fact that the male dagger showed no signs of loosening. He couldn’t afford to gamble on Lomevi’s life.
"Get out of the way. Get out of the way if you want to leave …" Everything went back to the original moment when the door opened. It was those wretched men whose lines of defense had been completely torn apart. It really made no sense for them to ask for money again if they were not dead. But it was Jiang Junyue who stared at it, even if Jiang Junyue didn’t do anything, that looked at them and made them involuntarily flustered.
"Yue Yue Brother, I’m sorry …" Jiang Junyue knows everything more than she knows that she is going to kill him. She is not a murderer now, and he will hate her even more after she is the mastermind.
Lome EU suddenly smiled and looked at Jiang Junyue with tearful eyes. "The elder brother, do you know what Sunny Soft will jump off a building? Haha, I know, but I won’t tell you if I don’t tell you … "She said with a smile that the sudden head fell directly to the dagger, and then the whole person fell to one side and the blood flowed out like water, and the bright red color was so impressive.
"Mei Wei …" Luo Qijiang finally rushed over and it couldn’t be worse.
The man with the dagger shook his hand and committed suicide by taking hostages. There is no point in taking hostages again. As soon as he loosened his hand, he ran out, and several people behind him followed.
Being followed here by Jiang Junyue shows how detailed he knows about their affairs. They want to kill Jiang Junyue, but now they are surrounded by Jiang Junyue. Obviously, Jiang Junyue is prepared and can escape by surprise.
A few people ran as fast as rabbits trying to escape.