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This is too ambiguous.

I don’t think I have ulterior motives or fall in love with me at first sight. I’m sure I’ve never even met him before, and today I’m naked.
Besides, after pregnancy, I became fatter and uglier. Sister-in-law privately told me that I was expecting a boy and that Xiaojin was sure to be disappointed … It was impossible for me to look like Chen Shu.
So what is the purpose of his deliberate statement and what benefits can it bring him?
I can’t help seeing Ye Wen.
Ye Wen’s look calm should be no misunderstanding.
Chen Shu’s face is more smiling. "Miss Ding doesn’t have to panic. I mean no harm. I’m curious. I’m called the ladies in the imperial city. I hate to itch their teeth. I also beat Miss Li’s family. What do you look like? I heard that Miss Ding was born in an ordinary family. She has never been abroad to see the world. She is older and not a star, but she can still marry into the top halls. Everyone flows. You are a fox reincarnation .."
I was startled and then frowned. It’s like this outside. Am I?
I don’t know there are such rumors because I seldom contact those aristocratic ladies, and occasionally meet each other as a greeting, and I don’t go out after pregnancy!
The reincarnation of the fox … Thanks to their thinking …
If they knew the real reason why Ye Xiangyuan got married, they wouldn’t be so jealous of me, and they would probably pity me.
Ye Wen suddenly smiled, "I have never heard of this smell. I don’t know where Chen always heard it."
Chen Shu seems to have discovered that he generally turned to him and said with a smile, "This should be Ye Ershao’s right-hand man Ye Wen."
Chapter 232 Meet ChuFeifei again
My face is getting worse.
It seems that he has already investigated Ye Xiangyuan and knows everything about Ye Xiangyuan.
Ye Wen smiled. "Mr. Chen is also very good. In just a few years, it’s raining in Los Angeles."
This is to tell Chen Shu that we are not completely ignorant of his information.
Chen Shu has not been threatened to hook up the corners of his mouth. "It’s a pity that this is the Huaxia Imperial City and Ye Ershao’s territory, but even so, I won’t back down on this matter. I can say sorry here."
I think it’s hard to talk to him directly. "It seems that you can’t give up the lawsuit or settle it out of court. You must have come to see me today for a long time, so why don’t we talk openly about what you’re going to do after you get into trouble with Chu’s family? Are you going to deal with Ye’s family? And what can I do? "
I didn’t expect Chen Shu to take the initiative. "You think too much. I’m just a businessman. How dare you talk to Ye Jia? I’m really curious about seeing you."
Of course, I can’t believe the question, "Since you don’t want to confront Ye Jia and know Ye Jia’s influence, why must you cling to Chu?" After a pause for a few seconds, I added, "Chu is willing to compensate you for all the losses and hope you can drop the lawsuit."
Chen Shu’s finger table gently buckled, "Of course, I want to maximize my interests in business. This lawsuit is a sure win, and I don’t need to settle out of court."
That’s true. Judging from the information received, Chu is almost likely to win.
I frowned.
It’s not a good thing that Chen Shu’s oil and salt don’t go in
Later, I also want the Ye family to press him. Who knows that he smiled, "But if you are willing to exchange things, I can promise to settle."
I quickly said, "You said."
Xinlong company has Mrs. Li playing around there, and it is sure that the lawsuit will be dropped soon, leaving the company. If he is willing to take a step back, the Chu shipping crisis will be solved.
Chen Shudao: "When you release Ye Sanye, I’ll have the lawsuit dismissed immediately, and I won’t ask for damages."
Ye Wen and I glances to see each other’s eyes startled.
This is really shocking!
I thought he would make all kinds of demands, but I didn’t expect him to save Ye Sanye.
Ye Xiangyuan has been tracking down the forces behind Ye Sanye.
This is really hard to come by
But we still don’t know who is behind it.
Those people are hiding too deep. Chen Shu should be in the lead.
Now Chen Shu voluntarily revealed that he didn’t know what to pay attention to.
However, no matter what, I will not miss this opportunity. I have to find something anyway.
I wanted to think, "But Ye Sanye is dead …"
Chen Shu regretted, "Then there is no way. I want to exchange him."
I don’t want to squint.
On the other day, I heard that Ye Sanye was dead, so I found Zhou Yi to understand the situation.
It turns out that Ye Xiangyuan didn’t block the fact that Ye Sanye died, which led to the fact that the people behind the scenes also shocked the royal family. Or did he deliberately let people out?
Since Chen Shu has investigated Ye Jia, it is impossible not to know that Ye Sanye is dead.
Then what does he mean by making this request? Are you kidding us?
Ye Wen and I looked at each other again
Chen Shu played us around, but we couldn’t get a clue about him, which was a shame.
I said, "since manager Chen is so determined, I can’t say much. It seems that I can see you in court."
品茶论坛Chen Shu smiled slightly. "Don’t be angry with Miss Ding, let’s all be masters." He glanced at Ye Wen and said with a smile, "If Miss Ding is willing to come, I will sweep the couch."
I wonder if Chinese people all over the world have such a preference and like to say the idiom Chen Shu. This couch sweeping reminds me of Han Qingshan.
Of course, Han Qingshan’s level is much higher than his.
I couldn’t help but look at Chen Shu.
He dug a corner in front of Ye Wen and was up to no good.
I’m Ye Xiangyuan’s wife. How can I go? He just leaves.
Good Ye Wen is either listening to the wind or raining. People are more calm than I am. When I hear Chen Shu’s words, I didn’t even pick my eyebrows.
I didn’t get anything from this meeting, and I don’t want to eat something with Chen Shu again, so I’ll leave.
I went to lie down and wash my hands before I left.
This time, Yang Fei and Yuan Xi are in charge of me. They have female special forces in their hands and follow them everywhere.
It was awkward for them to stare at my toilet, so I told them to wash their hands and wait outside.
I didn’t expect to meet an acquaintance when I washed my hands.
Chu Feifei didn’t know whether to wait for him or just touch him. She came in as soon as I washed my hands.