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Lan Jingyi’s mind echoed. Landing Wentao once took a sip of his lips and made up his mind. Finally, he closed his eyes and leaned over his lips and touched his face. She suddenly moved away. "Come on, President Jiang Da, can you drive?" She’s going to die of shame with her head down and a low-paying job.

Listening to her sound, Jiang Junyue is a little more comfortable. Although her lips touched it, it is somewhat an improvement. "Be sure to compensate me in full when you come back."
Lan Jingyi speaks the truth. Why do you think Jiang Junyue is sad like a kannika nimtragol?
Well, as expected, he kept his word and started the car quickly towards the place where she used to live. The closer she got to the familiar scenery, the more she felt sad. Once she lived here for nearly a year, she stopped and looked up, and she could see the building in the middle of the building. "Let’s go." Fortunately, she came with her. Otherwise, she came to Liu Wentao alone. It’s really a little unclear.
But when a family of three reached the top floor, they were about to go to that road. Lan Jingyi was the first to stop when she was more familiar with the door.
immediate goalmouth
Mo Xiaoxue is knocking at the door. "Window, open the door for me. Open the door quickly and let me in to see you."
"Be obedient and open the door."
"Wen Tao, open the door, you open the door."
Over and over again, she shouted, "Mo Xiaoxue" walked around the door like a cat on hot bricks, and the whole person looked restless. At this time, she didn’t notice that a family of three suddenly appeared behind her.
Jiang Junyue skimmed his lip. "It seems that my wife doesn’t need us here. Somebody has to help us. Let’s go back and do whatever we want." He still wants to be dissatisfied.
桑拿按摩He has a deep voice with a hint of unruly, but there is a cold mood in that unruly, which also makes the light snow that has been dangling stop. At the sight of it, the three of them immediately pointed to Lan Jingyi and shouted, "Haven’t you divorced Wentao?" What are you doing here again? I cann’t believe you brought your man here. Are you here to demonstrate? "
"Cut …" That way has been called don’t open the door suddenly opened the sound let stranger light snow surprise turned "window I’m coming" she hurried towards the door.
"Bang" was pushed fiercely, and the whole person fell to the ground and hit the corridor wall. "Wentao, you pushed me?" There’s blood oozing from his forehead. It’s strange to light snow. I can’t believe how big the dose of Liu Wentao’s glass of wine is when I look at her face. I can’t believe that he has been holding on until now, but seeing his roots or not wanting to touch her, a roar of "roll" is an answer to her.
Lan Jingyi confused look at the ground devoted to light snow and look at Liu Wentao in front of the door. At this time, two men have already seen each other. What happened to Jiang Junyue and Bai Lu Wentao?
"Come on, how can I help you?" Pass Lan Jingyi Xiao Qinqin. He’s a little annoyed with Liu Wentao. He’s obsessed with Xiao Xuedao. It’s a bit too much to think about letting his woman come to the rescue.
"Take me to the hospital." Both hands clenched fists and nails were pinched into the meat, but Liu Wentao didn’t even feel pain.
"Don’t you call a woman?"
"No" Liu Wentao walked out of the room and told Lan Jingyi that he really drank a lot tonight because she was engaged to Jiang Junyue?
Almost afraid to look him in the eye, she was puzzled. "What’s the matter? How to go to the hospital? " She doesn’t think it’s necessary to go to the hospital to sober up, or isn’t it a bit of a storm in a teacup?
Jiang Junyue sneered at his woman. "Let’s go and take manager Lu to the hospital." Probably there is also Lan Jingyi who will be slow for half a beat. I don’t know what happened to Liu Wentao. At the moment, it’s strange for light snow to be in front of Liu Wentao.
The trembling body seems to be extremely painful at every step, but Lu Wentao still keeps his eyes on the stranger light snow and then goes upstairs step by step. When he rides Jiang Junyue, he is already sweating, but he still maintains an elegant posture and sits quietly in the passenger side.
This is Jiang Junyue’s arrangement, and he has given Liu Wentao a safety belt, and he doesn’t believe that Liu Wentao can’t help losing control in front of his wife and daughter. It should be impossible for him to know Liu Wentao.
"What’s wrong with you, Wentao?" Lan Jingyi really didn’t see that Liu Wentao sat there motionless like a statue from the car, which made her wonder if he was terminally ill.
"No … nothing to go to the hospital" Liu Wentao low track.
Is that really the case? If that’s the case, why doesn’t he go by himself and now let Jiang Junyue drive him?
"What the hell is going on?" Can’t you tell her the truth if Xiao Qinqin is not asleep and she really wants to shout in the past? She is worried to death.
Jiang Junyue glanced at his woman in the rearview mirror. "Lan Jingyi, you shut up for me." She asked one more question. He wanted to kill her idiot woman. She took the initiative to send the door to be the antidote. She actually looked at Liu Wentao in a silly way. It should be a light dose. He was quite tolerant.
Lan Jingyi really didn’t think about it in that way. She still wanted to ask, but look at Jiang Junyue’s eyes that despised her. She suddenly felt that Liu Wentao’s "illness" should be that kind of hard to say, otherwise he wouldn’t have said anything until now.
So LanJingYi finally quiet.
There was a strange atmosphere in the car. To be honest, Liu Wentao didn’t expect Jiang Junyue to come with Lan Jingyi, or he really underestimated Jiang Junyue. Jiang Junyue had such a generous mind. After all, he had twice been Lan Jingyi’s husband, that is, two ex-husbands
The hospital arrived so slowly and so quickly that Lu Wentao felt uncomfortable in his body, but when he was sent to the hospital, he was arranged that Lan Jingyi would definitely leave, which made him feel that time passed too fast, and he might never have a chance to get along with her again.
When I got into the emergency room and finally sat down opposite the doctor, Liu Wentao couldn’t hold on any longer. When I came, I was wearing that suit. At this time, I was already soaked like water. "Jingyi, you go out." He whispered a sign for Lanjingyi to get out quickly
"What’s the matter? I want to know. "
When Jiang Jun got better, he pulled the idiot woman out and pressed her to sit in the seat outside the doctor’s office. "Sit here and wait for him to die."
Lan Jingyi refused. "What happened to him?" It seems that Jiang Junyue also knows what happened to Liu Wentao. She is the only one who doesn’t know.