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"Your brothers are really amazing. They first called you Dark Fire, and there were about five students with difficulties in life selected from the group of students. Then they rented a 10-story building with a room on each floor. Each room has a game seat with the most comfortable seats for these five recruiters to play games."

"It’s a big deal to add a game helmet to this building and so on. It costs at least 100 million yuan. That guy is really poor."
"Well, then I don’t know where to organize more than a dozen managers to effectively manage these five people. This adds up to three days. Do you say that the disease is severe? But this is all he said. It turns out that he lives in the same city as Dark Fire. "
"Hey? Did they say where they lived? "
"It didn’t say! Those five people have played fairyland or not, but they have all re-trained and deleted characters in a unified way, and the original equipment is kept by these people. He has set all the professional characters for these people to practice, and they are still unified. Hehe, it’s really funny to think of it. "
I can’t help but ask out of curiosity, "What’s so funny?"
"You imagine a scene in which five people hacked Polly. There are more people than Polly. Polly was hacked to death by several people around him just after it was refreshed, and then everyone sat in the same place. The whole island of Polly is our group of people. Other players still want guild wars here, hehe."
"So that’s it." I can also imagine how five people cut Polly, no matter whether you are Huang Polly, Green Polly or Purple Polly, it’s hard to die after being cut by more than a dozen people as soon as you come out. "Then what? It’s been about four or five days? "
"Well, after these people are all LV1, they all go to change jobs according to the arranged career distribution, and it took them three hours to finish their job change. This is also fast. It is impossible for so many people to change jobs at the same time."
Chris went on to say, "I don’t know where to find a person. It’s too powerful to make this group of people stick to each other and walk neatly. All the monsters are marching in groups of five, and one team can’t immediately retire the second one. I wonder if that person used to be a soldier."
"oh? Is there such a person? " I can imagine that if this person is really like Chris said, then we will probably be the first batch of professional military players in the game. After training the players in the game by military training, they will not know the effect. After all, there is a big difference between the game and reality.
"It makes me wonder that you recruit those people whose base level difference is not more than 5, and they are all working together, training together, killing monsters together and doing everything together. Are they here to play games?"
I thought to myself, it seems that the disease method has adopted my suggestion before leaving that we allocate the careers of this group of people, so that the careers of players in our guild will be balanced and strengthened, and it is not as simple as one plus one to form teams in different forms.
"By the way, Chris, I haven’t asked you if you made a pet. Will you disappear here? That is to say, the meaning of death "
Chris knows this is my heart. She said, "No, I’m not a fighting pet, so the magic thing won’t attack me, and now I’ve lost most of my abilities. Now I’m a pet. Will you dislike me?"
"What do you say? Since you become a pet, can I find another one … "
"Don’t you dare ~" Before I finished speaking, Chris began to look at her, so I knew that I was joking too much. Chris volunteered to be a pet, which was a great sacrifice. I shouldn’t joke about it.
I immediately sat up and grabbed her hands and said, "Don’t be angry. No matter what you become, I will stay with you forever!" "
"You’re a sweet mouth, you bad thing." Chris said, leaning on my arms and fingers and circling my chest. It felt so good.
But when we are very much in love, someone will always come to disturb us.
At the same time, the door opened and Chris returned to the pet. Because she is a special pet, even in the pet, she knows what happened around me, and she didn’t call the situation out. This is her father’s special advantage.
The person who came in was Xiaoqi, and there were several gods behind them. They all looked as if their mother had just died.
"Come out!" Xiaoqi didn’t say much. The two men of God behind me supported me with one hand and directly lifted me up. Although I wanted to resist, I saw that there were many of them and I didn’t know the ability of the men of God. If I didn’t dare to take the risk, I wouldn’t make a move until the end. This was the last warning of Chris’s father.
I was led by them through the long passage, the gloomy seabed, the dark cave, the cold wind and the forest, and finally I came to a stone city and threw me into the city without saying anything.
I almost feel like I’ve entered another one at the same time when they throw it. It’s a wonderful feeling, just like I’ve entered a huge soap bubble, but I feel like I’m in the middle of it. I don’t care if those gods have seen the wings disappear immediately and take out the angel Polly [feathering] into wings. I still have 30 centimeters from the ground. If I don’t support it, I’m sure I’ll die. I keep greeting those gods’ ancestors for ten generations if they have it!
Chapter 16 The Magic Prison (2)
After I fell, I looked into the sky, and almost all the gods left, so I could take a good look at my place.
Almost stones are not marble or stones that cut through the Great Wall, but gravel, large and small, from the city wall until I see things like houses, which are almost made up of large and small gravel. There is hardly a smooth place on the ground to walk, just like massaging the gravel road with the soles of the feet in the park.
Where is this? This is the first question that came to my mind. Is it the fourth floor of the magic prison that is very similar to the blue cloud?
What is a magic prison here? The second question came to mind. Is there an inferno he said about here?
桑拿论坛The third association is that my chances of finding the Teana host are getting even more slim now, but the feeling around Chris is different. When the sky falls, I still feel that I can make a hole in the ground and escape. Who let me have a relationship with the underground channel?
I really don’t like walking slowly along the gravel road near those buildings that look like houses. What gravel can support a five-meter-high building? It should be impossible. Is there a strong AA super glue here? Sticking a stone together, I immediately kicked this ridiculous idea out of my head. More and more, I found that I always thought something inexplicable.
"There’s another sacrifice coming. Go and inform the king."
"What don’t you notice? Want me to go? If you go, I’ll go. If you don’t go, don’t let me go. "
"Otherwise you stay here and I’ll inform the king."
"What you don’t stay here? Want me to stay? You stay, I’ll stay. You don’t want me to stay. "
"So what do you want?"
I don’t know.
I look at these two strange people in front of me, arguing whether they are human or I feel, because from the visual point of view, these two people can be said to be a pile of meat, with hands, feet and body, but no head to say hearing. It is like shooting straight into the head when Reagan didn’t hear them. When they quarreled, I quickly armed myself. At least there are two people in front of me, and I don’t feel too scared. At least there are dozens of people, and there is no [close bondage] between the man of God (I can’t make them after being caught close by the man of God)
When I was ready, I asked, "Who are you? What is this place? "
"We don’t have you didn’t see who we discuss to inform the king? Go away to one side. "
When I heard what they said, I honestly stepped aside and went straight to the city, and I no longer paid attention to those two strange people
It’s lively when I enter the city, but it’s almost like just now that the leaders have talked, bought and sold things, and played with hilarious games. But when I entered the department, everyone looked at me as if I saw a ghost. Almost at the same time, the children ran into their homes and couldn’t tell whether it was a man or a woman. All the leaders picked up guys around me and tried to swallow me.
"Wait, don’t be so excited?" Although you can’t see their faces, you can see that they are shaking, and they are just as excited or scared themselves.
"The man of god, how did you come here? You are not welcome here! " A leader said