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"Dad … Dad …"

"Mom …"
Two little people first hugged her thigh on one side, and then looked up at the picture in the crack of the door. The man who pursed his lips because of pain didn’t know Liu Wentao, but Qin Qin knew his little hand and was excited to pull Liu Wentao into the crack of the door. "Dad …"
"Qinqin …" Liu Wentao moved. He didn’t expect the little guy to remember that he knew him.
A father suddenly let Lan Jingyi feel frustrated when she thought of her most difficult time abroad. Liu Wentao was kind to herself, her children and her mother. Finally, she was no longer heartless. She sat on the carpet and stretched out her hand and hugged Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang, burying her face in the little thing. She closed her eyes and said, "Liu Wentao, I hate you."
She hates him forcing her to come in, and she doesn’t want to see him at this time no matter how hard it is.
She is more regretful than some. If she had answered him long ago, wouldn’t she have died? Is Jiang Junyue now off suspicion?
But everything has happened, and she has no chance to regret it.
No, she doesn’t regret it. If she really answered him and saved Jiang Junyue, the man will not spare her when he wakes up. She knows she knows.
"I’m dead too."
This low magnetism is not pleasant at all, which makes her suddenly look up. "Who did it?"
Lu Wentao’s throat surged as if he didn’t know his hand ached, and he bent over and picked up Xiao Qinqin. "Did you miss michel platini?"
Respond that he is a little thing, and remember him in his arms. This is the best reward for him. I kissed and kissed the little face. Looking at the little thing, Lan Jingyi looked like a ghost. His heart sank again. "It must be Jiang Junliang. I will make him pay the price. Jingyi wants to buy Jiang’s stock." When he said this, he did not look at Lan Jingyi, but smiled at Xiao Qinqin. The personnel were too complicated and too dark. He really didn’t want Xiao Qinqin to feel that side.
"Jiang’s family lost a lot of money by Jiang Junliang. Aren’t you afraid that you will lose your old age by collecting a shell?" She looked up at him, but he did not lose a way to disturb Jiang Junliang.
"Not afraid" The truth is that if you want Lan Jingyi’s enemies, they will all be his enemies. He will never look back and forth, and he will not be soft. But if you earn too much money, you will have no place.
"Well, I don’t agree."
"This thing you" walked towards the sofa with your hands still bleeding. It can be seen how hard Lan Jingyi gave him that clip. He walked in front of him, followed by big eyes and watched him bleeding. He didn’t take it seriously.
But when Xiao Qin Qin found Liu Wentao’s hand blood along the small and strong line of sight, his face suddenly changed. "Wow" A big cry began. "Pain … pain …" She was in a hurry and actually emitted a sound to follow her little finger Lan Jingyi, only to find that Liu Wentao’s hand blood was white at him. "Sitting and waiting for me to get medicine and gauze" She was messed up enough. He even messed up her.
Her sentence Liu Wentao immediately stopped hurting and smiled slightly. She continued to tease Xiao Qinqin’s smile and finally coaxed Xiao Qinqin’s little guy to stop crying and lay his head on his shoulder. "Dad … Dad …" She couldn’t stop calling him dad.
Or miss her own dear dad?
After the medicine was wrapped up, Lan Jing Yi Zheng was ready to continue packing. The doorbell rang again and looked up at the door blindly. "Who will it be this time?"
See her expression Liu Wentao got up and "I’ll open the door"
Lan Jingyi let him go. Anyway, he is such a big living person. She can’t hide her love if she wants to. Anyone who sees it will see it. She turned around and went into the master bedroom. It used to be Jiang Junyue. She and he prepared the wedding room. But will their wedding still be held?
It was a distant day when I sat on my bed, as if it were still that night when he tossed her this bed over and over again.
"Old people, when are you moving?" Just as she was deep in thought, Feng Meijuan leaned against the lintel and looked at her with disdain.
Lan Jingyi gently turned her head and looked at Feng Meijuan. She didn’t feel any kindness towards Jiang Junyue, the same aunt. On the contrary, she felt that she was an enemy. "I can’t move the horse, but I don’t want to give up this villa to you because LaCrosse doesn’t. I don’t like living here, and I will hire a lawyer. It should be LaCrosse. If it belongs to them, I will come over and I won’t let you and Jiang Junliang be unworthy."
"Lan Jingyi, you and the old people didn’t even get married. If you don’t get married, it’s nothing. You are not qualified to participate in the distribution of Chiang’s property."
"Ding" came a short message, and Lan Jingyi ignored Feng Meijuan and looked down at the past. "My wife’s lawyer came to me before her death, and he said that his grandfather left a will for you."
Give it to her?
She didn’t even enter Jiangjiamen. How could the master give it to her and not to his children and grandchildren?
Confused, he replied, "Is there a will for others?"
"The lawyer didn’t say"
"I want to see a lawyer when I make an appointment."
She didn’t reply to Jiang Han’s short message, Feng Meijuan rushed over and grabbed her by the collar. "You are blue, you are shameless, and you continue to stay here. I tell you, if you dare not leave, I will let people come in and tie you up. There is no door to dominate Jiang Gu’s industry. After this villa, it is our Junliang wedding room. Well, it looks like the decoration is not bad, but we must sweep away the old people and stay unlucky. We Junliang will live a long life .."
Lan Jingyi was completely angry with her, and if she leans, she will live a long life. When she turned her elbow, "Bang" hit Feng Meijuan’s chest, which she really did. "Ah …" When she exclaimed, Feng Meijuan stumbled and took a step back, clutching her chest and yelling at the door, "Somebody please coax this bitch and those two little bastards out."
"Who dares?" Just as two women with big arms and a round waist were about to rush in, Liu Wentao reached the door with a small Qin Qin in one hand and a small Zhuang Zhuang like a god in the other. First, the two women were blocked, and then Feng Meijuan said, "It’s been a long time since Jiang Gu’s second wife."
"Lu … Mr. Lu?" It seems that I didn’t expect Liu Wentao and Feng Meijuan to react at the moment.
"Exactly" is a faint word. He didn’t look at Lan Jingyi. "Jingyi is strong and smelly. I just picked his diaper ass and washed it. You can give him a new one."
喝茶约茶"You … you wipe it for him?" When did my son stink? She didn’t expect it was Feng Meijuan or the milk delivery courier who came and was busy packing. No wonder Liu Wentao and the children didn’t come when Feng Meijuan rushed in. It turned out that he opened the door for Feng Meijuan and took two children to wash his hands.
Lan Jingyi is a little embarrassed. When the first two small things Silla stinks, Jiang Junyue can not reach out without reaching out. Even if he reaches out, he frowns and pays the boss’s reluctance.
He is too clean.
I took the leg of Xiaozhuangzhuang, took the diaper and changed it for the child. Xiaozhuangzhuang and Huanshun waved her thigh and asked Qinqin to play with him.