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"Mom, I’m sorry that I didn’t take good care of my little worries. How can you blame me?" Lin Mo-chen knew that he hadn’t fulfilled his original promise to Lu’s parents, that is, he took good care of Lu’s worries so that she wouldn’t be hurt.

"No, no, no,no. You have taken good care of the little worries." Li Mei shook her head and denied that "some accidents are that we don’t want to avoid the ink minister. Don’t think about it."
"I know," Lin Mochen invited one side to sit down straight. "Dad, you sit down."
"Good" Lu Yong sat and looked around.
He is still embarrassed in his heart. After all, it is the first time that he has seen such a luxurious forest villa as big as the ink garden. He has once again refreshed his views on Lin Mo-chen. This is no ordinary trench, and Lu You also took Li Mei to sit down. Lin Mo-chen personally made tea for them and put it in front of them. Li Mei and Lu You just talked and Lu Yong was silent and drank tea.
When Lin Mo-chen saw that he was also chatting, he said, "Dad, there is a fishing river here. I will accompany you to catch some fish. I will trouble you to cook fish at noon today. I haven’t eaten your fish for a long time and miss you very much."
"Don’t bother, don’t bother, worry, want to eat me. It’s natural for a father to do it." Lu Yong was very happy when he thought that he still had this advantage. "So let’s go fishing now, right?"
"Well, I’ve got people ready." Lin Mochen glanced at Lu You and Li Mei. "We won’t bother their mother and daughter to talk."
Lu Yong nodded and felt that it was very thoughtful of Lin Mo-chen to talk to Li Mei. They left the living room and left the peace with them. Li Mei watched them leave the back, especially the tall and stalwart figure of Lin Mo-chen. Her heart stirred up waves for a long time.
"Little worry about watching you and Mo Chen live so happily. Mom is relieved." Li Mei is even more worried about Lu Xiao, and once again deeply feels that Lin Mo Chen is worried about Lu and respects them.
Then Li Mei sighed, "Your eldest brother is not so lucky as you. He married a Feng Jingjing and made a fuss about a good home."
"How are Mom’s eldest brother and sister-in-law now?" Lu sorrow also haven’t note the eldest brother Lu Song for a long time.
"What else can I do? Ready for divorce "Li Mei can’t say how she feels in her heart that she doesn’t want to be separated from her family." She will sign a divorce after the property division procedures such as the RV are completed in the past two days. "
"Mom, don’t worry so much about it. You can’t blame me for being the eldest sister-in-law …" Lu You didn’t go any further. "Since they have no happiness together, it may be a good thing to separate."
"Well, I also figured it out." Li Mei doesn’t want to be bullied by Feng Jingjing all the time. "It’s your big brother who is such a good person that it shouldn’t end like this. He didn’t want anything."
"Eldest brother also doesn’t want to argue." Lu sorrow knows that Feng Jingjing is a man with strong personality and greedy vanity. "Now that we have divided it, we have to share it more cleanly. We have to quarrel with each other without saying a word. Those big brothers who have lost things can earn it back anyway. Now is the most painful time for big brother. We should be more concerned about him."
"You’re right." Li Mei’s heart is not so blocked after some trouble with Lu.
"If you don’t have a room, let your eldest brother go home to live. Anyway, I don’t have Xiaoyue to study at home." Lu You suggested, "If Xiaoyue comes back from vacation, let her live here for a month or two, which is why I won’t mind."
"Xiao Yue, that girl is all hands and feet. I’m afraid she will disturb you." Li Mei is not at ease.
"I’m watching her, and she can’t disturb us in such a big villa." Lu Yu comforted her mother
"That’s still to say with Mo Chen." Li Mei agreed.
When talking, my aunt added fruit to them. At noon, Lin Mochen and Lu Yong came back. They went out for two or three hours and caught two fish.
"Little worried dad is going to cook fish for you." Lu Yong was happy to be able to cook for her daughter.
Lu You said, "Dad, it’s enough to make one, and you can take the rest home for your eldest brother."
Section 19
"If your eldest brother wants to eat, my mother and I will buy it for him." Lu Yong is going to kill together.
"Dad Xiaoyou is right. Buying fish is no better than fishing. Listen to Xiaoyou and bring one back. It’s enough for the four of us to eat one fish." Lin Mochen advocated this.
Lu Sorrow and Li Mei received Lin Mo-chen’s intention. Aunt Lu Yong made braised fish, made a vegetarian dish, two confused dishes and a soup. At noon, the family sat down to eat together and enjoyed themselves. Lujia parents left without the ink garden for dinner, and then Gu Na-qing went straight to the ink garden. Lin Mo-chen was worried about Lu and walked back to the living room and met Gu Na-qing.
"Let you don’t come, you still come." Lin Mochen held Lu’s sorrow and still disliked him uninvited.
Gu Nanqing gave Lu You a charming smile. "Lu You, do you think your husband is angry and stingy?"
"Gu Zong!" Lu You was so flirted by Gu Nanqing that she couldn’t help blushing. "Do you want my family to eat and sleep?"
"Can" Gu Na smiled and walked to the sofa to sit.
"Do you mean that you are a person who has been driven out of the house?" Lin Mo-chen also sat with Lu You and poured a glass of water for her and handed her a "drink".
"I’m not happy because I was kicked out of the house." Gu Nanqing simply poured a glass of water.
"That’s because I cheated the long way. Have you achieved anything?" Lu sorrow drink a mouthful of warm water and said
Gu Na tilting screwed up the eyebrow "lu sorrow how do you say this is cheating? Am I that kind of person who can cheat? Su Man and I are sincere. "
"Gu always don’t you know how many women you cheated? I really despise you for boasting here that you won’t cheat. "Lu You gave me a look of disgust." I think I’ll have a good talk with her when I come back from a long time. I should carefully consider that marriage is not a child’s play. It’s too hasty. "
"Lu You didn’t tear me down like that," Gu Nan said seriously. "How many people like me, an excellent diamond single aristocrat, are eager to beg me to marry me, but do they still need to consider it?"
"Manager Gu, should I say that you are too narcissistic or arrogant?" Lu sorrow look at her.
spa会所"Whether narcissism or arrogance is good, men are talented. This is a long view." Gu Nanqing has always been flattering his face
Lu sorrow is really a language. He can resist shaking his two heads in silence. Lin Mochen finally cut an apple and handed it to Lu sorrow. He put the fruit knife and picked up the apple in the fruit bowl and threw it at Gu Nanqing’s way of "blocking your mouth"
Gu Nanqing caught the apple’s eyes and slipped away. "My wife peeled it and I lost it without washing it?" Value color over friends. "
"It’s very good that I didn’t kick you out." Lin Mochen didn’t bother to complain to him. "If you have any opinions, leave and no one will stop you."
"Yeah, walk slowly and don’t send" Lu sorrow also used Lin Mochen’s support to Gu Nanqing and put malicious words.
Gu Na looked at the husband and the singer, and the two bitterly clicked their fingers. They were all nai.
"I’m less wealthy family, less meals." The servants at home also know Gu Nanqing.
Gu Nanqing took the lead and went to the dining room, where he didn’t need a polite table. Lin Mo-chen, Lu You and Gu Nan-qing, the first two and the latter were sitting at dinner. Lin Mo-chen gave Lu You soup and cloth dishes, and he was so fond of Gu Na that he thought deeply about Su Man. If she had dinner by her side, he would think so for her.
There is no such thing as these two people showing love in her eyes, as if they just want to provoke him to miss Su Man and deliberately make him feel uncomfortable.
"Gu always don’t mention it. Take this place as your home. Eat more." Lu smiled with sorrow.
Gu Nanqing sneered at a self-care clip vegetables and ate after dinner. Lin Mo-chen went for a walk with Lu You as usual. Gu Nan-qing walked ahead alone for a while, and Lu You went back to his room. After Lin Mo-chen put Lu You in place, he went to the room and Gu Nan-qing was in his room. Look here and touch there.
Gu Nanqing saw Lin Mo-chen come in and put his hand back on the shelf, then came around. "Is there any news from Olson for so many days?"
"Chi Yiming is very cunning this time, and Olson also had a lot of trouble to find a little news. Chi Yiming seems to have disappeared in Qingshan District, but it does not rule out that he has secretly returned here." Lin Mo Chen went to the wine cabinet and took a bottle of red wine and poured one of the two cups to Gu Nanqing.
Gu Na tilting took it. "He Chi Yiming is really busy, so he can’t die. What happened to Olson this time? Even Chi Yiming can’t say goodbye to his whereabouts? What else does he mix? "
"Olson speculated that he must have someone to help him. It is impossible for him to be so watertight." Lin Mochen shook his goblet and looked into the distance from the floor-to-ceiling window. "If Olson really spoke, I don’t know who would help Chi Yiming?"
"Who else can it be? Of course, it is someone who is good with him or has common goals or interests. "Gu Nanqing put the goblet to his lips and took a sip." What do you think? "
"Well, that’s reasonable." Lin Mochen nodded. "It’s that Chi Yiming has been missing for so long that nothing has happened to Chi Jia."
"Chi Yiming is no longer the former Chi Yiming. When he appeared, the first person who wanted to tear him up was you. Do you think he was so bold and confronted you?" Gu Nan leans back against the edge of the table, holding a glass in one hand, straight, long legs overlapping and elegant "unless he doesn’t want to live"
"I don’t want him to die. I want him to die." Lin Mo-chen’s eyes narrowed slightly at the bottom of the pool, emitting a micro-dangerous light. "Of course I won’t let him go."
"Then what should I do?" Gu Nanqing drank the red wine in the cup and put it on the table lightly.
"We should find out that he fell anyway, otherwise we will be very constrained, and we will also make me uneasy and put Lu’s worries at risk all the time. I can’t let Lu’s worries be in such danger again." Lin Mo-chen’s body spread out with a murderous air conditioner. "It seems that it can lure the snake out of the hole."
"But the bait that can get this snake out of the hole has Lu You want to let Lu You take the risk?" Gu Nan leans to look at the edge of the fingertip glass and rubs it.
"Of course not, he wants to worry about Lu more because I let him do what he can. He must hate me for wanting me to die. Even if I have to go to the risk, it will be myself instead of letting Lu worry." Lin Mochen seems to have a good idea.
"Minister, do you want to take a risk?" Gu Na tilting a surprised peach blossom eyes lifted off a now.
"Don’t let my woman go?" Lin Mo-chen turned to look at Nanhua. "Protecting women’s safety is a man’s business."
Gu Nanqing naturally understands Lin Mochen’s mood and knows that he is determined.
"If you don’t take the initiative to attack, I’m afraid that big sleep will have another trouble." Lin Mo-chen thinks that he can’t give Chi Yiming another chance to rest and raise interest. He will definitely break his plan on his own initiative because he won’t think of doing it. He will take the initiative to fight back.
"What can I do for you? You can’t be brave alone, okay?" Gu Nanqing is very admired by Lin Mo-chen, but he is not worried.
"Don’t worry, I can’t bear to let Lu worry about one generation." Lin Mo Chen comforted Gu Na and didn’t want him to worry too much. After all, he and Su Man were not so easy to solve.

Good at this time Ye Xiangyuan motioned for bodyguards to tear Xiaoyan away.

I woke up suddenly and was annoyed.
Maybe I was frightened by Xiaoyan’s move just now. I forgot to hold Xiaoyan or plead with Ye Xiangyuan.
Fortunately, Ye Xiangyuan didn’t really want to hurt the little boy.
He stared at Xiaoyan lightly tunnel "I want to let you go"
The implication is that he doesn’t want to keep Xiaoyan when he sees that she is so vicious that she can even hand her own children.
Xiaoyan was struck by lightning, and the color in her face faded away.
Then she jumped up and cursed, "Ye Xiangyuan, how dare you fool me! You don’t die a natural death! "
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t speak and his expression didn’t change at all.
Xiaoyan’s hope of being seized must be the culmination of despair and anger, hysterically pointing abuse "aren’t you the most faithful? How can you fool me like this! It turns out that you are the most vicious one, and I was wrong about you! Ye Xiangyuan I curse you to die a natural death and curse your child … "
Gu Changning kicked her out with the nearest foot. "Shut up!"
Then a bodyguard blocked her mouth, and she cursed without saying it after all.
夜生活But I somehow felt a panic, and the whole person was shaking with anger.
She cursed Xiao Chen …
Ye Xiangyuan held my hand tightly and gently comforted me by saying, "Baby is fine."
Gu Changning looked over and snorted. "She is a bitch. What do you care about her?"
I looked at Ye Xiangyuan and then at Gu Changning and took a deep breath to calm down.
It’s mainly because Xiao Chen is not around me. I’m really worried that when Xiao Yan scolds me, I get nervous.
But on second thought, people like Xiaoyan must even look down on God, and her curse may not come true.
Xiaoyan was detained by bodyguards.
The little boy may have fainted from shock just now.
He still has tears on his face. It’s terrible. It’s a mark pinched by Xiao Yan.
A doctor will come to examine the little boy soon.
The little boy resisted strangers even if he was unconscious, and called to his mother when he was near his mouth.
I feel my chest hit hard.
Xiaoyan’s mouth was blocked. She kept staring at Ye Xiangyuan and Gu Changning, but she didn’t even give the child a look.
I don’t know what to say at the moment.
Sympathy for the little boy met such a mother?
Or condemn Xiao Yan’s heartless heart?
I really don’t understand why Ye Xiangyuan forced Xiaoyan to make this choice and bring trouble to the children.
I can think that this child is Ye Sanye, and when Teng Jun killed Ye Grandma, Ye Dabo and Ye Dad, they caused Ye Xiangyuan to have no father when he was very young … I can’t criticize Ye Xiangyuan at all …
The medical staff coaxed the little boy patiently.
After all, he was quiet. The doctor put medicine on his neck, and then the maid took him away.
Xiaoyan didn’t give her a look, but stared fiercely at Ye Xiangyuan as if she were going to chew Ye Xiangyuan’s flesh.
Ye Xiangyuan looked at her and said, "I won’t touch you for the time being, but I’ve asked someone to take a picture of what you just did. I’ll send it to the person who saved you at the beginning to see if he will come to save you this time."
Xiaoyan’s expression changed.
In a second, it went from being bold to being afraid.
Thank you for three rice balls!
Chapter 39 confessed
I’m confused. Didn’t Ye Li and Han Qingshan join hands to rescue Xiaoyan?
Is Ye Xiangyuan trying to show Han Qingshan the picture?
But Xiaoyan is not Li Yu Smoke. Han Qingshan may not feel anything when he sees it …
Wondering that Ye Xiangyuan had called bodyguards to take Xiaoyan to the basement.
He finally took a look at Xiaoyan. "I will wait for your life when I saved someone. I will give it to him whether he wants to keep you or not. That’s none of my business."
Xiaoyan was white and bloodless, and even the last anger was gone. The whole person was shivering.
I don’t know what Ye Xiangyuan is playing charades, but I guess maybe Han Qingshan and Ye Li didn’t save Xiaoyan at the beginning.
According to Ye Xiangyuan’s meaning, the man saved Xiaoyan and may kill Xiaoyan after watching the video …
This may be the greatest despair for Xiaoyan.