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"Will he become a vegetable?"

"Lan Jingyi, don’t give me a crow’s mouth. LaCrosse won’t be a vegetable. How can he be so healthy? No"
"Oh, it’s my crow mouth, it’s my fault." She couldn’t wait to clap her mouth. I really can’t say that. If I don’t talk about all the unlucky things from now on, he will wake up and will wake up.
Pushing the bed and taking the ladder to the intensive care unit, Jiang Junyue was pushed in and Lan Jingyi and He Ling were blocked.
It’s already dawn.
It’s a sunny day, and she thinks Jiang Junyue will wake up, which indicates that everything will be fine.
If you survive, you will be blessed.
he never dies
"Jiang Han, what’s going on?" He Ling went to wash her hands. Lan Jingyi asked Jiang Junyue quickly so that she would not let go of the man who shot Jiang Junyue.
"It’s a new prisoner in the detention center. He grabbed the police gun and fired it right in the heart."
"This world will have such a coincidence? That man must have been about to start work on tilting long ago. You have found out his origin. Go ahead, I am prepared. "
Jiang Han’s eyes were slightly surprised. I didn’t expect Lan Jingyi to guess everything so accurately. "Before he entered the bureau, he was a top killer, but he took a foreign case. This time, he actually did it. The other party must have given a lot of money."
"He won’t talk, will he?"
Jiang Han was shocked again. "How do you know?"
How did she know?
From the tone of his voice, I feel that "try to get him to say it, tell me what I can do now and tell me all the worst possibilities." When he falls asleep, she is awake. He has done everything, and she can’t panic or mess around. Even if they are not legally protected couples, she wants him to do everything.
Chapter 22 I am with you
"Mrs. Jiang can’t live for a day. The master doesn’t know that Jiang always had an accident, but now I can’t hide it. Before that, I coaxed the master to say that Jiang always will come out, but now …" But now Jiang Han can’t say no, and Jiang Junyue can’t walk into Jiang’s seat for a short time.
Lan Jingyi blinked for a long time. "Who do you suggest?"
桑拿网"Jiang Junjian" Jiang Han didn’t want to say "less Jiang always comes closer"
"No" but never thought LanJingYi immediately rejected.
"Madam means …"
"I suggest Jiang Junliang", the top killer behind the scenes, has not been found out yet, but there can be no other person in her cognition except Jiang Junliang. Their credentials can be guessed.
"Well, I also agree to discuss Jiang Junliang." The ward door was opened and Cheng Qingyang strode in with a face of appreciation expression. From the accident to now, he didn’t appear before making Lan Jingyi feel that he shouldn’t think about him and Jiang Junyue like that. Maybe it’s not true.
"You …"
"Jiang Junliang is the only way he will be relieved to prevent this enemy of LaCrosse, and I must report it." Cheng Qing’s voice is very low, but the low bass gives people a cold feeling as if a word is a knife.
Jiang Han frowned again. "But what if he holds the position of Jiang’s president?"
"Ann Zehuan’s daughter must be found. She’s not dead. She must not be." Cheng Qingyang murmured.
It was also at this time that Lan Jingyi discovered that there was faint blood on his arm. "Are you hurt?"
"Don’t worry, I’m a man." I swept my head to Jiang Han. "Just do what Lan Jingyi said. Now you all go to Jiang Gu and tell the master about the situation. I’ll keep it here."
Cheng Qing’s voice is still low, but it is so powerful. I don’t know how to see him. Lan Jingyi doesn’t hate it. There is a feeling of peace of mind. It seems that the man will be fine if he has him. "Jiang Han, let’s go." She can’t help the man if she stays. She can’t get into the intensive care unit. Now she can clean up his mess.
"The more the more? How is he? " LanJingYi just want to open the door has been opened Yin Qing soft crazy rushed in "what happened to him? What happened? "
Lan Jingyi leaned to one side and let her rush in. She remembered that she fainted in front of the detention center and was sent to Jiang Junyue’s cell. At this moment, she really relieved the man. "Jiang Han, let’s go."
So Yin Qing went in and she came out.
Lan Jingyi walked very fast although she was weak, as if she were going to stay away from Yin Qing’s softness, as if she suddenly exclaimed behind her "Ah … Ah …"
That scream attracted Lan Jingyi and Jiang Han to look back together and what happened. Together, they rushed back to the ward again.
Inside, Cheng Qingyang stood still, her cold eyes fell and she was lying on the ground, and Yin Qing’s soft forehand covered her ears and hysterically shouted "Ah … Ah … Don’t … Don’t …" Her eyes looked at Cheng Qingyang in horror as if he were a poisonous snake and a beast.